Mothers day gift present ideas 2023 gift guide

Mother’s Day gift guide 2023: Lovely gifts for lovely mums (Part 2)

I received the products listed in this Mother’s Day gift guide free for inclusion, but they were all chosen and approved by me and the words and pictures are mine. This post may contain affiliate links; more details here.

You can find part one of this gift guide, specifically for mums that deserve to relax, here.

Once I started compiling the list, there were so many fab things that I had to break it down into two posts to save the scrolling fingers of the people who were desperately searching for something to show their appreciation to their dear old mum.

This part of the gift guide is slightly longer, but there are some really fabulous things in here!

So, without further ado, here is part two!

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Pretty things


This might be my favourite of all the gifts featured in this guide; it’s very tight though! From Lily Blanche Jewellery, this diamond locket features a real diamond, set in a sterling silver heart.

You can upload two photos to keep inside your locket, and even have it engraved with initials on the back. You can also choose the length of chain you want; I like to wear my lockets over roll necks and so I went with a long chain.

This silver locket costs £130, but is currently on sale at £95. Until Mother’s Day, you can get 15% off sitewide using the code MUM15. Shop the whole range of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces on the Lily Blanche website where you can find lots of perfect Mother’s Day gifts on their website here.

If you have a bigger budget and want to get some lovely gold jewellery, check out these dainty rings.

Aurate dainty gold stackable rings

Crystal suncatcher

This pretty, sparkly window hanging suncatcher was designed by and handmade for Xander Kostroma. Featuring raw crystal aquamarine and wrapped blue agate with gold plated chain is around 30cm long and has a small loop at the end of the chain, which you can attach to a hook on your window to the sun dance through the crystals.

Unfortunately, there’s been very little in the way of sun recently with which to show it off to its full glory.

These handmade suncatchers retail at £45, with mini versions starting at £20. There is also a selection of beautiful crystal jewellery, which you can check out here. Picture 1 also features a funky skull tote bag, which sells for £15. If you sign up to their newsletter at the bottom of their website, you’ll get 10% off – for life!

A photo canvas

We’re all guilty of taking hundreds of photos which we never look at again, even though getting them printed out it so easy and really reasonable. And what grandma wouldn’t want a picture of their smiling grandchildren to hang on their wall, huh? I mean, even if they don’t, they’re hardly going to be rude about it.

If you have a particularly special photograph or picture, you can get it printed onto canvas, or clothing, or stationery, signs, banners, business cards, labels, gifts… You name it, they print it.

I went for a – fairly dull given the options – custom 20 x 30cm canvas, which cost just under £25 including shipping. You can see all the options on the Vistaprint website.

Gifts to eat and drink

Biscuit Brew Tea

If, like me, you’re an unashamed tea obsessive then can I please recommend this Yorkshire Tea Biscuit Brew. It’s wonderful. They haven’t sent me any, I just flipping love it.

Pokémon waffle maker

OK, you can’t actually eat this – but you can eat what comes out of it! It may not be the most traditional gift but if you happen to have a mum who is a bit of a Pokémon addict and also likes breakfast (tick and tick), then a Charmander Waffle Maker from IWOOT could be the perfect gift. Mix up a batch of waffle mix, plug it in, pour it on and ta da!

Top tip – you can also use it to make cheese toasties, which have been christened ‘Charmandwiches’.

They’re currently out of Charmander waffle makers, but you can get a Squirtle one for £34.99 here. Other (perhaps more traditional) Mother’s Day gifts can be found at IWOOT here.

If you’re keen on something for the kitchen, but maybe Pokémon isn’t the one, do check my review of the Swan Retro Air Fryer here!


Who can say no to chocolate? Weirdos that’s who. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk is the chocolate of choice for many people and Heroes are the obvious choice for Mother’s Day if your mum happens to be your hero. The Love You Mum chocolate bar mean she doesn’t have to share because her name is literally on it.

You can take a look at the various gift ideas including the box featured above which retails for £20 including a box of Heroes, a box of Roses, two bags and four bars of chocolate, on their website here.

Cranberry Cider from Cranes

I worked with Cranes Cider back when this blog was a mere baby and I’m glad to see that, six years later, they’re still going strong.

The cider isn’t just your average apple cider, but made instead from cranberries, which gives it a pleasing pink colour as well as containing less sugar; this means it’s also around 30% less calorific than other ciders which perhaps makes it slightly easier on the conscience as well as the waistline. It’s also 4%, much less than some ciders, which makes it the sensible option! Oh, and it’s lovely.

This Cranes Cider gift set comes with three fruity ciders (1 x Cranes Cider Cranberries & Limes, 1 x Cranes Cider Raspberries & Pomegranates, 1 x Cranes Cider Blueberries & Apples) and a branded glass and costs £14.50; you can also get it on Amazon. Use WHINGEWINE10 at checkout to get 10% off orders from

Wine tasting

Time was, that if you wanted to attend a wine tasting you’d need to get off of your behind and go out to do so. But not any more! The Online Wine Tasting Club do live, online wine tastings, hosted by award winning Sommelier Jamie Smith and Winemaker Alex Taylor. Within each wine tasting pack you receive six different samples to try, and each month they discover wines from a different region. In April, you can try English wines, in May it’s all about Northern Italy.

When you order your tasting pack, you’ll be sent a YouTube link so you can follow along the live tasting and submit your own tasting notes as you go, or if you prefer you can watch the recording afterwards.

Wine tasting - gift guide 2023

You can buy entry to one session with six wines (100ml) to sample – enough for a single person or you can share one between two. The tastings cost £29.95 or a £49.95 for a longer masterclass. You can buy a subscription for three months for £81 or six months for £144 and these make excellent gifts for a wine lover.

And some more chocolate…

Mother’s day chocolate is a staple, and Montezuma’s chocolate is blinking lush. The Kew Botanical Bar Library which has an RRP of £18.99 contains five 90g bars of chocolate, perfect for those who like a bit of everything:

  • Dark chocolate with orange & geranium
  • Milk chocolate with caramelised salted hazelnuts (I’m absolutely not sharing this one)
  • Milk chocolate with cocoa nibs & vanilla
  • Dark chocolate with almond & cherry
  • White chocolate with raspberry

They even do vegan gifts for mum if you’re looking for chocolate with no milk in it.

Useful gifts

Smart home devices

One thing I love about modern life is that I can answer the doorbell from the gym, my office or the supermarket so I never have to miss a delivery even when I’m out and about – very handy when you’re doing gift guides like this one.

I love these smart home devices which I’ll be setting up when I move into my new home, hopefully towards the end of this month.

The doorbell has two way audio as well as video so you can hear and see what’s going on, and the Echo Show can sit on your desk and show you who’s at the door so if it’s the local Conservatives doing a spot of door knocking, you can ignore them and get on with whatever you were doing.

The Echo Show 5 with compatible Blink Video Doorbell with two-way audio costs £134.99 for the set from

A nice pair of wellies

If your is more of an outdoorsy, dog-walking mum, then you could do a lot worse than some posh wellies. You might be trudging around the countryside but it doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous, darling. I chose these half welly boots made by Cotswold from They’re currently half price in their sale at £40.

A new gym kit

If your mum’s idea of fun is less running a bath and more running a 5k (see what I did there), then you can’t go wrong with some new gym kit.

New kit can reinvigorate you and get you excited to get back to the gym. Or, they can make you feel guilty, sitting there, staring at you, begging to be worn. These Nike trainers and Pour Moi leggings were from a selection at, which has activewear from loads of big brand names to suit every budget.

Beauty gifts


Fragrance is something that most people rarely buy for themselves as it’s definitely a luxury, but it can make a lovely gift if you know what kind of scents your mum likes. I was sent two Eau de Parfums from DXB Perfume; the ‘Viali Royal Elixir’ and ‘Blends of Dubai Velvet Fleur’.

The Viali Royal Elixir is a lightly refreshing, fruity perfume with notes of citrus as well as vanilla and the ‘Blends of Dubai Velvet Fleur’ Eau De Parfum is sold as a unisex perfume.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as the packaging is very OTT in the way that you might expect of something that references Dubai with a heavy metal rose lid – but the scent itself is actually really nice and not at all what you’d expect. It is sweet and musky but still quite delicate, with vanilla, white musk and amber as its prominent scent notes.

The perfumes both last really well with the scent still noticeable the morning after!

The Viali scent costs £75 for 100ml; the Blends of Dubai luxury scent costs £150. You can get 15% off fragrances using the discount code FRAN15 at the checkout on the DXB website here.

Body care set

This deliciously fresh, zingy Glenashdale body shower gel and body lotion duo from ARRAN Sense of Scotland smells like fresh grapefruit; perfect to give you a little pick-me-up in the morning. In each branded box there is a full sized Bath & Shower Gel (300ml) and Body Lotion (200ml).

The Body Care gift sets coming in four fragrances (plus one men’s scent with bath and shower gel) and cost £30 each for the shower gel/lotion duo, and £45 for the limited edition After The Rain bath gift set with candle, shower gel and body oil.

Skincare and make up

Again, chosen from a selection at; if you know the kind of thing your mum goes for then some of her favourite products – particularly if she wouldn’t necessarily splash out herself – are a thoughtful gift.

Want to give a gift that will truly impress? It’s time to check out natural-looking lashes from Lilac St. Lightweight and flexible, they move with the eye grid for maximum comfort. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to apply – you can achieve a natural and chic look right from the comfort of your own home. Give the gift of effortless beauty today. 

What’s your favourite gift from this Mother’s Day Gift Guide?

Let me know what you think!

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