Waving goodbye to the terrible twos: Enter the threenager

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I feel like I couldn’t let this slide by without marking it in some way.

My little boy is turning three this weekend!

He’s gone from a baby to a toddler to a preschooler in the blink of an eye.

A very long, very tired blink of an exceptionally bleary and sleep deprived eye.

Three years old

He’s a very handsome chap and I’m definitely not biased

In the last year he’s gone from a little light chit-chatting to constantly narrating everything in harrowing detail. From the moment he wakes up and pounces on me to tell me the sun is up on his clock (even if it isn’t) to the moment I bid him good night and leave the door open, before listening to him talking to himself for as long as it takes him to finally drift off… There is rarely a single moment of silence.

He’s gone from wearing nappies to no nappies¬†(hurrah!) and to be honest, it was a lot easier than I had expected. I do not miss nappies. I can’t wait for the day the bathroom won’t smell of wee, but I fear that could be quite far away.

Paradise Wildlife Park Broxbourne Hertfordshire (365)

He’s gone from napping to not napping, except in the car occasionally. He was never very good at it to be honest and life feels a lot less stressful now I don’t have to worry about it.

He’s gone from a toddler to a fully-fledged¬†preschooler, who will be starting school in just over a year.

He seems so small; he’s still in the same clothes he was wearing a year ago. I’m sure he must have grown. I’m not really worried; if anything I appreciate the value for money I’m getting out of his t-shirts.

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He’s gone from a child that wakes multiple times a night and wakes up really early to… well one that just wakes up early. But at least he’s cheery more often than not these days, which is a vast improvement.

He’s gone from a toddler throwing ‘terrible twos‘ tantrums to… yea, no that’s not changed at all actually. Nor do I see him miraculously growing out of it on the day of his third birthday, but one can live in hope.

Happy birthday - three years old

He can scoot, and run, and count, and sing.

His love for dinosaurs, and Paw Patrol, and Star Wars has grown. He has discovered Lego.

He loves his daddy more than anything, and then his sister, and then (reluctantly, I feel) it’s me. To be fair I don’t really share his loves of dinosaurs, Paw Patrol, Star Wars or Lego.

Play Doh Kitchen Creations ice cream maker (92)

Happy birthday little buddy!

May three be all the fun of two, but with more sleep and fewer tantrums (and preschool funding).

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