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As I write this, there is an eerie silence throughout my house. The hum of the fish tank and the whirring and spinning of the washing machine are usually drowned out by the sounds of children playing and shouting and the dog barking, but today it is just me.

I am truly home alone.

The dog has gone off to work with my husband (no, he doesn’t work on a farm but at one of those ultra-trendy Shoreditch ‘workspaces’ where they have prosecco on tap and pets and hipster beards are all welcome), and both children are at preschool.

first day at preschool


After following his sister to preschool for over a year, rearranging the cushions in the cloakroom area and then throwing a paddy every time we go to leave, he has finally got his wish and has been allowed to stay.

Not that you’d know he was happy about it, mind. He wasn’t having a particularly joyful morning having woken up too early, as per usual, and I had to pretty much drag him there while he screamed at me and I received sympathetic looks from other school run mums.

Funnily enough, by the time we arrived I wasn’t that hesitant at dropping him off and running out of the door, fast.

He’ll be the youngest one there.

Having turned 2.5 on new year’s day he is only just old enough to start preschool.

He’s not potty trained (not for want of trying) and has difficulty controlling his rage, he can’t share and whining accounts for about 60% of his communication skills, but I am sure he’ll be fine.

The staff are brilliant and he has his big sister to look after him and while he’s the youngest, she’s the oldest and I have no doubt that she’s pretty much in charge of the joint.

I have to pick him up at 12, and then come back an hour later to pick his sister up.

Seems a little silly maybe, but he’s a bit small to be staying for lunch yet. It just about gives us time to get home, turn around and go back again.

He will be gone for three hours in total, which doesn’t seem like long enough to do anything much but it’s still ME time, the likes of which I haven’t had before.

What to do with my new found me time?

Maybe I’ll start an exercise class. I probably won’t. Maybe I’ll get the shopping done so I won’t have to take the kids. MAYBE I’ll clean up the house?

Probably, I’ll just drink a lot of tea and do some reading and watch a bit of TV, and maybe do some work. That’s definitely what I’m doing at preschool

Only half an hour left now, and no one’s called me instructing me to pick him up so I’m taking that as a good sign.

Hoping that it’ll knacker him out and he’ll sleep!

Don’t laugh, it might happen.




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