No more nappies: The end of toddlerhood

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I have, several times, tentatively alluded to the fact that we’ve been potty training the small one.

It started when we were trapped in by the snow and we figured there wasn’t much else to do, so why not.

I never really wanted to make a big deal of it because there’s always the chance that after a good few days or weeks even, that the novelty will wear off. Suddenly, they can’t be arsed anymore and will start peeing on the floor instead, and back you go to square one feeling like a failure; like when you announce a big diet and then after losing 7lb put on 10 (ahem).

It is of course not the same at all. If you realise you’ve jumped the gun with potty training then rather than persevering, stocking up on carpet cleaner and being too scared to leave the house, for my money it’s best not to make a big deal of it, back into nappies and then try again at some point in the future when you’re feeling better equipped to deal with it.

So yes, we’ve had the odd false start, but this time it’s definitely stuck.

No more nappies: The end of toddlerhood

There are no more nappies in this house.

Sure, there are pull ups at night, just in case. But there are no more nappies. Nappies are for babies. He won’t entertain them at all.

And it’s made me feel strangely emotional. Not because I just love wiping bums (I don’t and FYI that bit is long from over if my four year old’s loud demands are anything to go by), but because the baby stage is most definitely over.

And as much as I love the new found freedom of not having to pack nappies, or take a buggy anywhere, or worry about naps, it is the end of an era.

The end of babies and toddlers, forever.

I no longer browse the baby aisle in the supermarket.

There are no Organix snacks in my cupboards, it’s Wotsits or go home.

The bottles went almost two years ago, the dummies have been gone for a year. Teething is done with, thank god..

No more nappies: The end of toddlerhood

The Megablox have been ditched and in their place are Duplo and Lego. They take up less room, so I’m good with that.

Peppa Pig has been unceremoniously ditched as the programme of choice, and in its place we have Spiderman and PJ Masks (and too much Paw Patrol).

And now, finally, the nappies.

Farewell. I shan’t miss you, the bin will be emptier and much less smelly.

But I might miss ever so slightly what you represent. Ever so slightly, maybe.

And by that I mean a time when I didn’t have a naked toddler running through the house fiddling incessantly with his willy and leaving poo prints on the furniture.

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