Alienwork Ik Colouring Timeless Design men’s watch in ‘all black’ review

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The Alienwork Ik Colouring ‘Timeless Design’ watch is attractive watch with a simple non-fussy design and an easy to adjust Milanese band.

We received one for review, and this is what we thought!


Rather than coming in a traditional watch box, the watch came inside a grey felt Alienwork branded wallet.

Alienwork IK all black Men's watch with easily asjutable Milanese band felt wallet

At first I was a little confused when it popped through the letterbox inside a small Amazon wallet, but after having just thrown out some rather swish and swanky watch boxes as really, they’re unnecessary because once out of them the watch never went back in, maybe it’s not such a bad idea!

They certainly take up less space.

Although you wouldn’t actually use it as a wallet I’m hesitant to chuck it out as it feels as if it could useful (any suggestions?!)!

Look and feel

Although it is advertised as a unisex watch, the face is much too big for my wrist and therefore I would say this is really more for men unless you particularly like large watches. I gave it to my husband to see what he thought.

Alienwork IK all black Men's watch with easily asjutable Milanese band (3)

The watch is really lightweight and slim, which are its main selling points.

It and has a lovely slick, minimalist style; much more my personal taste than watches with a lot of dials and buttons.

That said, a date dial is usually my preference so this would not be an every day watch for me.

Alienwork IK all black Men's watch with easily asjutable Milanese band back of watch

However as nice as it is to look at, and as sleek as it feels, my biggest problem with the watch is that in black it isn’t terribly practical.

In anything but daylight it can be hard to read the time; surely the minimum a watch needs to do.

In the other colours available (silver and blue) it looks like it’s a lot easier to read the dial.


There is no date feature on the Alienwork Ik men’s watch, or in fact anything else; it is a  simple watch that shows the time and that is it.

The time is quick and easy to change; pull out the crown on the side fully to adjust the time and push it in to set.

The watch is water resistant to a basic level.

The stainless steel strap is very easily adjustable; an important thing when buying a watch online.

How to adjust the Milanese watch strap on the Alienwork Ik Colouring watch

The Milanese strap on the Alienwork IK Colouring men’s watch is really easy to adjust at home with no need to take it to a specialist shop. Honestly, it takes seconds.

How to adjust strap on Alienwork IK all black Men's watch with easily asjutable Milanese band (18)

Simply get a small flathead screwdriver (the kind you get in a cracker!) insert it into the little gap pointing towards the end of the strap and press down lightly on the handle, putting enough pressure on it to flick up the plate.

How to adjust a Milanese watchstrap - Adjusting the strap on Alienwork IK all black Men's watch with easily asjutable Milanese band (16)

You can then slide the clasp up and down the strap to wherever you want it. Make sure that you line it up with the indentations and then push the plate back down with a click.

Value for money

The watch costs around the £20 mark which is extremely cheap, although it certainly doesn’t feel or look cheap.

You can even get a 50% discount using the code: L7K45I3S

Honestly, the fact that the time can’t be read easily in low light would put me off of purchasing the all black Alienwork Ik Colouring Timeless Design men’s watch, however I would consider buying it in a different colour – there are both silver and blue available – as a gift.

If you’d like to buy this AlienWork watch or view the rest of the collection, then it’s available on Amazon (and you can Prime it!) by clicking the affiliate link below.

We were sent this watch free for the purposes of this review but words and pictures are all mine.

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