Waykins Wella ‘Thea’ aviator sunglasses from Trendhim: Win a £35 accessories voucher!

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Disclaimer: I was sent these Waykins Wella ‘Thea’ aviator sunglasses from Trendhim to review free of charge, but words and pictures are mine. See more information here

Back in the summer, we went for a nice walk along the Thames – quite a long one, a few hours at least. We ended up in a pub in a lovely village called Sonning, where George Clooney lives as it happens, and after a pint decided to go back into Reading to continue our evening. Long story short, I said I’d look after my boyfriend’s sunglasses in my bag, and in the morning they weren’t there anymore. Oops.

Sunglasses-less, and feeling guilty, I reached out to Trendhim who sell accessories for men, to see if they could help me make up for being a bad girlfriend, and maybe next time it is sunny it won’t get brought up, again.

What is Trendhim?

Trendhim is an online retailer that specialises in modern, fashionable and quality accessories for men. Founded by two Danish friends almost fifteen years ago, they now sell their unique products across the globe via their website which is home to thirteen brands and 3,000 exclusive products.

Accessories stocked by Trendhim include ties, cufflinks, belts, braces, jewellery, wallets and of course, sunglasses.

Starting at just £12, there are currently 174 different pairs of sunglasses at Trendhim, which means that picking the right pair is probably the hardest part!

Waykins Wells Thea classic aviators

With almost too many pairs of sunglasses to choose from, we finally decided on these Waykins Wells Thea silver tone and grey aviator sunglasses, which have an RRP of £45. These sunglasses are also available with a gold tone frame, and with blue mirror glass but we went for the silver toned stainless steel frame with dark grey lenses. The polycarbonate lenses offer full UV protection but aren’t polarised.

They come packed in a tri-fold cardboard sunglasses box to keep them safe in transir, with a soft fabric pouch and cleaning cloth (made from recycled polyester) included.

They are quite sturdy without a lot of bend to them which I like, as the last pair of aviators I had whilst I loved the style, were almost floppy!

I actually found them to be slightly smaller than I thought they’d be; at 14cm wide they actually fit my head better than my boyfriend’s which is a lovely size, I won’t give him a complex, but obviously bigger than mine. He has almost a foot on me, it’s only fair.

Point stands though, that they’re not particularly wide – which I’ve noticed is the case even on the model on the website. So entirely my bad there.

I guess the search will have to continue then, and I’ll have these ones. Shame. I think I carry them off to be honest.

Win a £35 Trendhim voucher

If you fancy a pair of Waykins Wella ‘Thea’ aviator sunglasses just like my boyfriend’s mine, or in fact anything from the Trendhim website, then enter our competition below to be in with a chance of winning a £35 Trendhim voucher to put towards your purchase.

Win! A £35 voucher to spend at Trendhim accessories

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