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Why do giraffes have such long necks? Because they have smelly feet.*

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you about Wicked Uncle.

I’ve worked with Wicked Uncle twice before. The first time, just over a year ago, was my very first experience of being sent anything for review and I could not rave about them enough. The Whingelets still play with the toys we chose now. When the opportunity to work with them again over a Christmas list for an 18-month-old came about, I jumped at the chance.

This time, it was the big one’s turn.

She’s no longer an easily-pleased toddler, but a precocious preschooler. With OPINIONS, and lots of them. Long gone are the days when she’ll discard the gift to play with the box. She will no longer be happy with just any old thing and if she thinks something is rubbish, she will tell you.

Wicked Uncle aim to help you choose the perfect present for any child, even the tricky ones.

On their so-simple-a-baboon-could-use-it site, you select their age, gender if you want to, and a category if you know the kind of thing they enjoy. Alternatively you can just go straight to the most popular presents. It makes picking presents ridiculously easy.

And so, as she has been a very good girl recently (for the most part, at least) I took on the challenge of selecting some gifts for the big one which she would enjoy. I had a budget of £40 and so I took to the site to see what they suggested for a 3-4 year old girl.

First off, I chose this Lottie doll. She loves dolls, and has quite a few, but they’re all princesses; I found a big bag in a charity shop and couldn’t resist. It’s slightly weird because I never played with dolls as a child and don’t really get the appeal, but there you go.

I thought Lottie might shake it up a bit; she’s not a princess, she doesn’t wear make up, and she doesn’t have a fancy dress; she wears wellies and a yellow mac and her proportions are based not on an inexplicably long-legged, busty lady, but a proper nine year old girl. The big one still loved her, despite her lack of princessy attire. She makes me feel slightly better about the whole doll thing. She’s suitable for ages 3+.

The second thing I chose was the Fairy Magic Bean Pot. Fairies are also big in this house, sigh. This kit is suitable for age 4+ but we’ve already planted sunflowers together so I figured we could handle it.
The kit came with a pot, a fairy, a little spade and two magic beans which are just about the cutest thing ever. It had a heart on the other side. Magical!
Magic bean from fairy kit
Not actual size

We potted up the magic bean, and Joy (that’s the fairy’s name) is currently sat on the windowsill waiting for her magic bean to grow which should take around three weeks if it doesn’t die a death by sneaky overwatering.

And finally, the Sparkly Jewellery kit. This one I knew would be a hit.
The grumpy face isn’t because she wasn’t excited, but because I made her pose for a photo before she could open it. Mean.

This is the kind of crafting I don’t mind being involved in; there is no mess (if you decant all the beads into a pot first) and you make something they might actually use or want to keep as opposed to another mess of paint, toilet rolls and glitter.

The kit is also age 4+, and she needed a bit of help with the threading, but it will keep her entertained for ages. It comes with enough beads to make a lot of necklaces and bracelets, two rings and two hair clips.

I asked her what she thought about the presents. She was too busy playing to deign to reply.

All in all, we have one very happy preschooler.

We were gifted these presents in return for this post by the fab people at Wicked Uncle. Please go and check them out, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

*PS – make sure you check out their Joke Factory, which gives you some top-notch jokes for children of all ages. So in other news, I have the same sense of humour as a three year old.

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