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I was very excited to be contacted by a website, Wicked Uncle

It might sound like a dodgy band name but Wicked Uncle is in fact a website aimed primarily at relatives of children who have been tasked with buying a gift and have absolutely no idea what to go for. The idea was that I could choose some toys and give an honest review. Can do, said I.

Having (presumably) read my blog I’m sure they realised that if they asked for honest that is precisely what they would get.

For the purposes of research I asked some friends what the crappest gifts they or their children had received and these were the best of the worst.

There were the grim:

When my son was a baby, my mother in law bought him a second hand teddy… caked in snot and food. It went straight in the bin.

A lovely new fluffy snowsuit. That completely stank of stale fags, which didn’t disappear completely after washing. He never wore it.

The disappointing:

My mum adopted a tiger or a panda or some creature for my baby. He’s not going to understand f
or years. She was really excited to bring round the paperwork.

My 6 year old got a Mr Tumble puzzle. She was not impressed.

The unsuitable:

Baby girl outfits for my baby shower – knowing he was going to be a boy.

The in-laws bought scary looking heavy, entirely unsafe bear ornaments for the baby’s room and a £120 bear that he can’t use until he is three due to the insane fluff. It is an antique looking German thing and I hate it.

My grandma bought my sister a replica Chucky doll when she was a toddler. She was petrified. It had batteries and everything.

The ‘screw you parents!’:

Play Doh for a baby. The ultimate ‘f*ck you’. I cannot wait until they have children..

A drum kit from the brother and sister in law. They are dead to me now.

The mortifying:

When I was about 12 my step-aunt bought me a bra and pant set taped to a thesaurus. I unwrapped them at the table in front of my whole extended family and held them up in horror.

And the WTF?!:

We were gifted a 3ft high dinosaur that shoots small missiles… as a birthday present for a one year old.

My great aunt sent me a pair of garters for my eighth birthday; the same aunt sent my parents a whole roast chicken in the post as a wedding present.

My new-born baby got this soap dish from a great aunt…

On Tuesday night, I placed my order. 

The website is really user friendly; easy to navigate and pretty idiot proof. Fortunately. It took a while to choose because there is a good selection of pretty fun looking toys, although it’s not overwhelming and you can easily narrow it down by age, gender, and interest if you need a bit more help. There will definitely be something that fits the bill.

In the end my husband, big kid and general toy expert, chose some snowboarding polar bears for the toddler and a rocket ship stacker for the baby (it is for 18m+ but he is, as all kids are, a genius).

On Friday, I arrived home to find a manky old bin on my doorstep.

Fortunately, amongst the slugs residing inside, was a box. Thank you, Royal Mail. No would-be thief would ever consider looking inside there.

We rarely get exciting post and most parcels contain nappies, however the toddler could tell that this was something interesting and was very excited to open it and start playing with the contents straight away.

They say a picture paints thousand words, so I’ll save you having to read about the opening ceremony, which was marred slightly by a very impatient toddler and my inability to locate scissors…

Both toys have proven really popular with the kids and I particularly like the little rocket mainly because it’s not made of plastic or loud. The toddler, expert bath refuser, actually asked to get into the bath to play with the polar bears, and gone voluntarily every night since. Very well selected, daddy. Nothing has broken, yet, and I have two seasoned toy breakers. All in all, six thumbs up from us.

Wicked Uncle also do an optional hand-written card and gift wrapping service and provide you with gift tags; so if you are lazy, clueless, or perhaps your relatives just have a hard time picking appropriate presents and you’re fed up of telling them exactly what to buy, I’d definitely recommend them.

(There exists a very similar site for mums by the way, if you wanted to buy me something).


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