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Wicked Uncle was the very first brand I worked with as a blogger, in this post back in April.

We were totally spoilt. They were a great company to work with and the kids loved their toys, so when I saw that they were looking for bloggers to work with in the run up to Christmas, naturally I begged them to give me a second crack at the whip.

I know, I know. Christmas. It’s a hideous word, which strikes fear into all but the most organised of parents. You know I booked our trip to Santa back at the end of August but that’s as far as it’s gone. At this point in time, I have a third birthday in two weeks which I am hideously under-prepared for due to my complete failure to realise that handing her toys to pose with was unlikely to see those toys returned so that they could be wrapped and re-gifted to her. I’m even heading to some kind of blogging conference (cough) on the day we were thinking of holding her party, poor kid.

Let’s face it though, three year olds are pretty vocal in what they do and don’t like, so I’m sure that once I actually get around to shopping, it won’t be that bad.

Last year: Easier to buy for

The small one however will be heading towards eighteen months at Christmas. It is notoriously difficult to buy gifts for second-born children and there are rules to be followed. Severely lacking in inspiration we took to the Wicked Uncle website to see what they suggested for Whingelet number two. After spending probably a bit too long looking at their suggestions, we made our choices and I’ve included our shortlist below in case you have your own little whingechild to buy for and are looking for ideas.

We already have a magnetic stacking rocket and it has proven to be a firm favourite – we haven’t even lost the bits yet although gathering them up every day (EVERY DAY) since April has been something of a Crystal Maze-style challenge.

We decided to stick to the theme and go with this happy chap in his magnetic aeroplane. Sorted.

Magnetic Airplane Kit

We do love magnets in this house. This light-up magentic Smartmax kit looks amazing; they have a set of these at one of the local toddler groups and it’s definitely a hit. They stick them all to a baking tray to keep them together – clever.

Smartmax LIGHTHOUSE Lifestyle
We went for this version; I’ve had a quick play and I’m sure he’s going to love it!

Bath toys have proven very popular with my two. I very much like this cute croc sponge.

Crocodile Soapsox on towel

I’m a big fan of Melissa and Doug, and the small one is a big fan of making farm animal sounds. This farm sounds block toy combines both of those things.

Wicked Uncle review
I might live to regret it but the batteries have to run out eventually, right?

It is no secret that I hate sand. HATE IT. But they had some of this stuff at toddler group a few weeks ago and the kids were obsessed with it. Part of me would love to get some, the other part of me would sooner die. We’ll see how the pendulum swings the nearer to Christmas it gets.

Kinetic Sand
Buying for a kid whose parent has peed you off recently? Here you go. Perfect. My kids would love this, I suspect I would not.

Musical Instrument Set - Janod (Wicked Uncle)

The Wicked Uncle website is so user friendly, and great if you are clueless as to what to buy. Go to Wicked Uncle, select an age, a gender if you want to, maybe a category, and see what comes up.
We were sent some of the products chosen in return for this post. Thank you very much – I can’t wait for him to open them! You can find Wicked Uncle on Facebook and Twitter too.

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