Happy Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother's Day

Just a short one today before I get taken out for my slap up Mothering Sunday lunch

(That’s a lie. Although the in laws are visiting so I might get to sit without a child touching me for a while so that will be nice).

I am a very lucky mummy today. I have two lovely, happy, healthy children. They may – as indeed they did last night – stop me sleeping and send me to the edge of my sanity (and sometimes right off the cliff) many times over, but then the toddler will wake me up by climbing into bed with me and telling me I need a big kiss, and it almost seems worth it. I’d really love some sleep though.

‘Amazing mum’ indeed.
There is so wine in here.

Thanks presumably to my husband, I am now the owner of new mug to replace my much loved but sadly chipped Mother’s Day 2014 mug…

…and this beautiful handmade card which the toddler made at the childminder’s. She really loves glue, as you can see. She’s since picked most of the button flowers off but I love it anyway. The flower did contain a chocolate, but in the two seconds between daddy handing it to her to give me and delivering it (with an excited exclamation of HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mummy!) she had stolen and eaten it.
Crafty in every sense of the world, my girl.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers. I hope you are being appreciated today and no one steals your chocolate. The pay is crap, the clients are tyrannical, the hours are shocking, breakdowns are inevitable but sometimes it’s the best job in the world. So that said, I’m going to stop hiding from my children and get out of bed.


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