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Disclaimer: I received the Flexispot EQ5 sit-to-stand desk to review free of charge, but words and pictures are mine. See more information here

flexispot standing desk review

As a blogger, I spend a lot of time at my desk – sometimes working, a LOT of time just procrastinating to be honest. For the last few years I’ve made do with kitchen counter tops, lap trays and tables, but since moving into my new house I was very keen to have a proper set up. I thought maybe it would help me become more productive, or something.

Flexispot kindly offered me one of their height adjustable sit-to-stand desks to review.

In standing mode

Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular in offices. I interviewed a senior staff member in a leading workplace design company (who happens to also be my boyfriend, and it was less of an interview than a Whatsapp) who told me that in some European countries, all new office fit-outs have to have a certain number of standing desks. He thinks. But don’t quote him on that.

Anyway, it seemed like perfect timing so I chose my desk – the Flexispot EQ5 height adjustable frame with a curved 120cm desktop.

The Flexispot Active Standing EQ5 desk frame

The frame comes in several parts. It isn’t hard to put together (easier when you have an expert on hand, granted, but nothing I couldn’t have done myself…), but it’s heavy when the desktop it attached so ideally you would have two people to do this.

A review of the Flexispot EQ5 sit-to-stand active standing desk

It’s much like an Ikea flatpack build and can be put together with the included allen key. The parts and screws are labelled and the holes are pre-drilled with the exception of the control panel keypad, which can be put on the left or right depending on your preference – you’ll probably need a bradawl or electric screwdriver for that.

The frame is adjustable to work with any length desktop between 120 and 180cm long and 60 to 80cm deep. It’s extremely sturdy and with a compatible desktop, it can hold up to 100kg.

A review of the Flexispot EQ5 sit-to-stand active standing desk

The wiring was pretty idiot-proof too, all the plugs were easily identified and the instructions weren’t difficult to understand.

It comes with ‘anti-collision’ tech, which sounds like a good thing although it isn’t quite clear to me what this means and it’s not something I have tested!

The Flexispot desktop

The desktop was shipped separately and arrived a few days later than the frame. It was really well packaged and arrived undamaged which is always a worry with furniture.

When you buy the Flexispot EQ5 frame, you can choose from curved 140cm desktops or rectangular desktops of 140cm x 70cm,120cm x 80cm or 120m x 60cm, and you can get them in a complete range of wood finishes, marble effect and black as well as the white. Prices range from £79.99 for the smallest size to £139.99 for the curved desktop.

In sitting mode; I don't have a proper office chair either so I'm glad I have the option of standing mode!
In sitting mode; I don’t have a proper office chair either so I’m glad I have the option of standing mode!

I chose a 140cm x 70cm curved desk in white which I thought looked sleek and would match the rest of my furniture.

It came pre-drilled for the stand (with the exception of the control panel, as mentioned) and there are cable holes at the back on the right and left hand sides.

It’s sturdy – about 3cm thick – with a wipe-clean veneer and curved edge.

The sit-to-stand mechanism

mechanism on eq5 sanodesk flexispot

The EQ5 is no ordinary desk! With the touch of a button you can lower and raise the desk to a suitable height of between 62 and 127cm – not only for sitting at, but standing, too (even if you happen to be a legit giant..).

I have the standard control panel; you can program the desk to sitting and standing height, with room to store two other pre-set heights, or you can do it manually by pressing the up and down buttons. The desktop moves smoothly upwards, while everything on your desk stays in place. My only tip would be to watch out for short cables if you are making the desk taller!

mechanism controller sit to stand desk

The upgraded ‘Standard Pro’ controller costs an additional £60; this comes with an alarm which reminds you when it is time to stand up if you have been sitting down too long. The mechanism was simple to wire in.

The desktop move quietly and quickly and stops exactly where you’ve programmed it to.

What are the benefits of a Flexispot sit-to-stand desk?

A review of the Flexispot EQ5 sit-to-stand active standing desk

Standing desks have repeatedly been shown to be beneficial to your health and wellbeing. People who sit down for long periods every day put themselves at increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and earlier death – and sitting obviously burns fewer calories than standing and has been linked to weight gain.

They’re also better for your posture and for your back. As someone who has suffered back pain in the past I would have loved to have the option to be able to stand up at my desk when sitting down was painful; it may even have helped me avoid it in the first place.

A review of the Flexispot EQ5 sit-to-stand active standing desk

According to Healthline, standing desks have even been shown to improve mode and energy levels too; a study showed that 87% of people who used standing desks reported increased vigour and energy which is another great benefit.

Personally, I like being able to change it up. I’ve spend about half my time at the desk sitting and the other half standing and although I can’t say I’ve personally noticed the benefits which should appear over the longer term, I definitely like having the option to stand up when my back is tight.

Downsides of a sit-to-stand desk

A review of the Flexispot EQ5 sit-to-stand active standing desk

To be honest, there aren’t any downsides of a sit-to-stand desk over a regular desk apart from the price, as it can obviously be used as a sit down desk if required.

A review of the Flexispot EQ5 sit-to-stand active standing desk

On this particular model, the Flexispot active standing desk EQ5, there are no integral drawers so if you need storage, you will need a separate unit for this. There are other desks which do come with storage included, and you can purchase under-desk drawers which fit the desktops.

For this particular model, the desktops are all quite large so there isn’t anything to fit into a small space. The website may have a better option for you.

Cable ducts are available separately; if you don’t have one, the cables can look fairly messy under the desk which is visible when you have it at standing level.

However, I really like my new desk and will do my best to do as much work standing as I can!

flexispot sit to stand desk
Can also be used to measure young children (up to 127cm).

How much and where to buy

The basic Flexispot EQ5 sit-to-stand height adjustable desk frame costs £299 and with the white curved desktop would cost you £439.98, although you can currently get £50 in their New Year Sale which is running until 10th February. They offer free shipping with all purchases.

There are a whole range of sit-to-stand desks available on the Flexispot website here.

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