Ten things we’ve learned in the first weeks of primary school

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Now we’re a week and a half into the school thing, and I have to say it’s not going too badly at all.

We haven’t had any tearsĀ and she has a smile on her face going in and coming out. I know it won’t always be plain sailing but the transition has been easy so far.

I knew she’d be fine really. My daughter is a very independent, grown up little girl. She is good at thinking of others, she makes friends easily and she loves to learn. I’m very proud of her.

First day of school picture

Anyway, soppy bit over with.

Here are just a few things I’ve learned over the past week…

1) I’m not the ‘get ready the night before’ mum.

I wish I was. I never have been, but I thought that I might become one with Big School. Turns out, I’m really more of a ‘Oh ffs where is your book bag?! It was right here! Oh Christ there’s a note in it!’ type parent.

Although you’d think that one less outfit to decide on and one less lunch to pack would make life easier in the morning, not harder, I still don’t have time to dry my hair.

2) Uniform doesn’t last more than one day without a wash.

Even if she’s in for three hours at a time and not even staying for lunch. So far we’ve come home covered in tomatoes and red paint…At least I very much hope it was red paint.

3) They get veeery tired.

A child starting school is taking so much in, and you, dear parent, will take the brunt of that tiredness as it cruises on into tantrum city.

First day of school picture

4) They lose stuff.

Or, like my daughter, they might instead come home with somebody else’s things. There is a reason you had to stick all those name labels on (or mark them with biro like I did, a bit of retro parenting there).

5) They come home with some annoying ear worms.


6) They will make odd choices.

My daughter chooses books to bring home based on how much she likes them; so far two have been ones we actually have at home with one more being a book we’ve previously borrowed from the library.

First day of school picture

7) There will be injury slips.

It was a mere TWO (half) DAYS before we had our first bump note; she fell over in the playground.

8) They will love it…

For a while, at least. Until they work out that it’s every single day.

“Can we do something else tomorrow?”. Sorry, that’s not really how it works. Welcome to the rest of your life, kid.

9) They’ll come home hungry like you wouldn’t believe.

Get the snacks in.

starting school

10) You will never have a clue what’s going on.

How was school today?


Did you enjoy yourself?


What did you do?

I can’t remember! Can I have a snack?

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