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It will come as no surprise that I am partial to a nice chilled glass of wine of a weekend. 

When it comes to buying wine, I generally pick up whatever is on offer when I do my big online shop (or about ten bottles when I’m in the actual supermarket, because I deserve them for getting through it), then it arrives and about three times out of ten I regret it.

If I ask my husband to pick up a bottle, he tends to go with one of the brands I love (Oyster Bay, Villa Maria I’m talking to you) with no attention paid to the cost because he’s a more carefree soul, which is why he doesn’t have our online banking details. Although it means I actually enjoy drinking it a lot more than the bargainous £4.25 bottle with a slightly yellow tinge and aftertaste that makes you wince, it does mean it can be an expensive addition to ‘popping to the shops for milk’.

Apparently what I should be doing instead is buying my wine at Majestic Wine, who have recently emerged victorious as the Retailer of the Year in the Wine Retailer of the Year Awards*. I’ve shamefully never been to one, even though there are two quite close by; probably because I usually have two kids in tow and they’re quite smashy, but I have heard good things.

You get a discount for six bottles, although with my lack of willpower and the fact that we’re trying to have a crack at potty training that’s probably a bad thing.

There were four other categories in the Awards;

Value for Money Award – Aldi Wine won this one. We’re getting an Aldi locally soon, and I’m looking forward to it more than Christmas. The runner up was good old Asda Wine Shop

Customer Service Award – Laithwaite’s Wine, runner up, M&S Wine

Wine Range Award – Waitrose Cellar, runner up Laithwaite’s Wine

Delivery Award – Naked Wine, runner up Ocado

Oh, Ocado. You’ve let me down. Second place is first loser you know.

The full breakdown of winners and results can be found here. is an independent site which tracks the best deals and special offers on wine and champagne available from the biggest retailers in the UK. You can set up alerts when the price of a particular brand falls, or check the current cheapest place to buy. You can even read other users’ reviews.

*The awards (which were online… no glittering champagne ceremony here, perhaps next year…) are based on the opinions of over 1200 of’s discerning wine-buying users. This post is sponsored by but written in my own words, and I hope you find it useful! I’m off to Majestic Wine to stock up…


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