Eight things I’m thinking on the last day of term

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Today is the end of the preschool term.

The biggest one goes back in tomorrow for a party and then – bam – it’s all over, until she starts Big School in September and the preschool reopens, six full weeks from now. It’s just us three, on our own. For six weeks.

Here are some thoughts that I’m having today:

1) Shit!

This is my last childfree morning and I’m totally wasting it.

I should have taken myself swimming or had my hair done or something instead of being sat here pissing about and eating biscuits.

Still, too late now. And those biscuits did have to be eaten.

2) Why am I not better prepared for this?

Despite knowing this was coming I have neglected to make any plans at all for the holidays.

This is terrifying. I’m walking onto the battlefield entirely unarmed.

How am I going to keep on top of everything? What happens when I need to work? Will there be any work over summer? My inbox is scarily dry. Will I be able to afford to do anything? Will I have to get the paints out? How will I keep my sanity?

How feral is it acceptable for a 4 and 3 year old to be? Are they too young for a holiday club, how much does it cost and is it too late to book on? Dammit why did I not think about this before?

Summer holidays

3) I need to go shopping.

I don’t have anywhere near enough snacks to fulfil my six-week role as snack servant and provider of ice lollies, the bribery tool of choice for warm days. Oh and I should probably grab some Pimms too, because summer.

4) I hope my end-of-term present was OK.

As well as putting in to the collection, I bought the kids’ preschool teacher a bottle of wine. Well, several bottles if I’m being accurate as it kept sitting there, tempting me to open it and my willpower is fairly shocking.

To be fair, she only has to deal with them for four hours three days a week while they’re on best behaviour.

It seems like everyone else had homemade presents. I even spotted cakes in there.

What if they don’t even drink? Actually that’s stupid, they work with 30 kids aged 2-4 every day of the week. Of course they drink.

And at least it’s not a mug, right?

Summer holidays

5) On the upside, the mornings are going to be a bit more relaxed…

Hooray for no more morning dashes!

No more packed lunches to make.

No more begging and bargaining over uneaten cereal.


No more school runs.

For six whole weeks.

6) I can switch my ‘just in case’ alarm off.


I mean it doesn’t actually make any difference as to this day my children have never ever laid in past 7.30am on a school day so by the time it went off I was usually downstairs on my second cup of tea, but I live in hope.

7) There’s going to be so much fighting

Despite having more toys than most toy shops, even when we have two that are identical they will still fight and scream over one. I might add ear plugs to the shopping list.

8) I wish I was going on holiday.

Mainly just so I don’t have to clean the house every day. And so I could drink at 11am.

Parenting meme summer holidays

Have a wonderful summer!

Go here for a list of reasons the summer sucks when your kids are small.

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