A bedroom makeover: From unisex nursery to very pink

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Last year we got an extension which gave us a brand new bedroom.

Although our idea was to use our old bedroom as a spare so that we could have family and friends over to stay, we came to the decision that it would be worth trialling the children in separate bedrooms – they can always share temporarily should the need arise – and it worked out surprisingly well!

This meant that with a bedroom each, their rooms could be decorated however they wanted them to be.

Very pink

Can you guess which colour scheme she went for?

It’s been a long time coming and they’ve both had rooms with bare plaster for a while, but finally we’ve had them painted and started the makeover process!

Obviously, my daughter wanted her room as pink and sparkly as possible.

Here are some before and after pictures of her bedroom makeover:

Before - nursery makeover (3)

The room which was originally painted to be a nursery for my oldest was decorated in ‘buttermilk’ yellow with jungle animals on the curtains and monkeys climbing up the walls.

Before - children's room makeover (3)

The Ikea ‘knopparp’ seat was used to read bedtime stories

Children's Girly Room Makeover - after (6)

She now has a much lighter room painted primarily in ‘Oyster’.

The blanket box with dressing up clothes in will also be getting a makeover with a fabric cover so that it fits in with her ‘pink’ theme’ and she’s got a dressing table so she’ll leave mine alone!

We now read stories either on her brother’s bed or in our bedroom.

The room doesn’t need to store as much now we have more space downstairs.

Before - room makeover (3)

There were a lot of toys kept upstairs before we moved them to the new family room.

Children's Girly Room Makeover - after (21)

There is now a door which opens into the corridor of our bedroom to satisfy planning fire regulations, and her wonderful doll’s house has moved upstairs.

She can keep her dollies in the large pink toy box (from Ikea. They’ve changed slightly but you can buy similar here).

There wasn’t scope to change or rearrange the existing furniture.

Before - children's room makeover (3)

The bed was made to fit the space; read about it here.

Children's Girly Room Makeover - after (26)

She wanted the entire bedroom pink but we settled on one wall, as we didn’t want it to be too dark (and also she might change her mind, it’s a very bright colour!).

She’d also got a nice bright rug (again, from Ikea here)!

Ikea rug pink

As part of the build, the window in the bedroom had to go.

The original plans included building some kind of strange L-shaped room and keeping the window, giving her a nice view of a brick wall. Fortunately the builders suggested another solution in the form of Keylite roof windows.

Keylite roof window

The window can be opened to get air into the room and lets a surprising amount of light into the room; I’m really impressed with it. Obviously it was professionally installed but the whole thing looks fantastic.

It has a special made-to-measure black out blind which works off solar energy so you just point a remote at it to put the blind up or down which then makes the room very dark, a necessity for small children in the summer!

The remote sits in a special magnetic holder up high on the wall where the kids can’t get at it.

Keylite blinds remote

You can buy Keylite blinds in lots of different colours here. We went for a dark night-sky theme.

Keylite blind

Children's Girly Room Makeover - after (12)

The removal of the window means there is now a large blank wall.

This is very much a work in progress.

We need to put up some shelves for storage and are considering some stickers or perhaps wall murals from Wallsauce to brighten it up without it being permanent. Watch this space!

big blank wall

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This is a collaborative post. We received a discount for the Keylite blind for inclusion in this post and I must apologise as it has taken us so long to get the room sorted! 

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