Big boy bed: Moving from a cot into a bed at 12 months old

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There’s no doubt about it, this kid is a climber.

He’s also a dedicated cot-hater; since the very first time he was placed lovingly into his cosy bed he has routinely announced his displeasure.

By the time he reached a year old, he’d throw a full blown tantrum whenever we approached his cot.

With two naps a day that’s a lot of screaming.

I have no idea why this is. The big one was always happy to go into the very same cot; if she wasn’t sleepy (or thought she wasn’t) she might grumble a bit but would then play with her toys until she fell asleep in an amusing position.

Perhaps he was a prisoner in a former life and being behind bars gives him flashbacks? I suspect I will never know.

The only reason we moved the big one from her cot into her awesome Kids Funtime Beds bunkbed was due to the arrival of the small one.

She was around 20 months old when she moved into the bottom bunk of a brand new and pretty awesome Kids Funtime Beds bed. Bless her, she’s always been a talker rather than an explorer and I’m not sure she even realised she could get out for a few months. It was actually that easy. Smuggo alert.

Kids Funtime Beds bunkbed

It was almost exactly a year to the day (thanks for the memories, Facebook) before the small one decided to make good his escape from the cot one final time and was found hanging over the edge of the cot by his chin turning an interesting shade of puce. Something had to change and short of putting a lid on the cot, hence fashioning a baby cage (which may have been briefly considered) there weren’t a lot of options left.

At 12 months old, it was time to move him from his cot to the Big Boy Bed.

Kids Funtime Beds bunkbed

Surely it’s too soon?

I thought. He’s not even thirteen months old. He’ll end up sleeping on the floor, amidst the entire contents of all the drawers and cupboards IF he sleeps at all. It would also mean a promotion to top bunk for the big one; a scary prospect for all of us.

I googled it, as you never should, but always do anyway.

All the guidelines say that between 2 and 3.5 years is a good time to make the cot-to-bed transition.

Another two and a half years? Not going to happen. He hated the bloody thing and I could tell he was only going to get more committed to his dangerous escape plan.

On balance, with the alternative being a seriously hurt little boy, we had to take the plunge and, not being one to hang about, when my husband arrived home just before bedtime the Kids Funtime Beds bunkbeds had been made and he was instructed to drag the cot out of the room and bring the cage, last seen being dismantled into the garage, back in so we could sufficiently toddler-proof the room.

Kids Funtime Beds bunkbed moving from a cot to a bed at one year old

We were doing this. It was happening.

How has the cot-to-bed transition gone so far?

I know you’re hoping that there is some hilarious tale of woe in this, and I suppose I probably thought there would be. But I am not disappointed at all to say that on the whole, the move to a big boy bed has actually been nothing short of miraculous.

He’s decided he doesn’t want to stay in bed a few times. Sometimes they conspire over the stairgate. He’s even learned to open the sodding bedroom door which is quite frankly amazing and terrifying in equal measures.

Kids Funtime Beds bunkbed

We did have one night where he woke up at 11pm and then vomited everywhere, and then when he stopped his sister started… No one got much sleep that night, however I don’t think we can blame the bed; probably a bug or possibly daddy’s cooking.

But on the whole, with the natural exceptions of when he’s teething/ill/being a huge pain in the arse for unspecified reasons, he’s actually going to bed more willingly, sleeping better, and for longer, in his own bed.

The kid that screamed when approaching the cot has decided he doesn’t mind sleep too much, sometimes – and it appears he can actually be sung to sleep! Mary Motherflipping Poppins me.

Screw you, guidelines.

Kids Funtime Beds bunkbed

PS I reserve the right to moan when this all goes tits up.

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