Snow joke: Seven reasons to love a snow day

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Those of you who follow this blog will be unsurprised to learn that I am not a huge fan of snow, what with it basically being very cold water.

I am not into being cold or wet, and given a choice of snow or a sunny spring day I would (obviously) choose the latter 100% of the time.

We aren’t ‘good’ at snow in this country.

Despite it happening fairly regularly, we British are woefully under prepared.

Some schools close, mums on local Facebook groups complain either way, public transport grinds to a halt, roads are too treacherous to navigate and Sainsbury’s Local looks like it’s been looted; woe betide you if today is your usual shopping day (it is) because all the bread and milk will have been snaffled up by panic-stricken shoppers who have temporarily taken leave of their senses and bought 17 loaves ‘just in case’ the moment they saw the first snowflake.

However it’s not all bad is it?!

Here are some other reasons to dig a snow day:

1. The garden looks amazing,

Despite suffering from five years of neglect, when it is covered by a layer of new, white snow no one can tell the lawn hasn’t been mowed since some time last autumn and that there are broken plastic toys strewn everywhere waiting for us to summon the energy for a trip to the dump.

The area which used to be decking is now just mud and dangerous tree roots; but at the moment looking out on it, it just looks like a blissful festive scene.

Snow in the garden

2. The trains aren’t running, so my husband has to work from home.

This gives the morning a more relaxed pace indeed. Obviously he is way more exciting than I am so gets woken up first, leaving me to come around in my own time. Marvellous.

I was even able to wash and dry my hair while the kids were being fed. I feel positively human this morning.

3. It’s fun!

There is definitely something about making those first footprints in a layer of new snow. The sound that a welly boot makes stomping on a patch of freshly fallen snow is amazing.

The children aren’t old enough to remember snow like this and they aren’t sure how it works. The look of wonder on their cold, red little faces is priceless, although less so is the outrage when you have to explain that it’s not actually Christmas, and they still have to go to school (score one for local schools!).

4. It’s easy to get kids out of the house

Normal day: It is time to leave the house. Neither of my children are anywhere to be seen. One has removed socks and trousers. There are no shoes anywhere.

Snow day: Everyone is super excited, gets their own shoes on the moment you say it’s time to go, and you get to preschool before you’d normally have left.

Reasons to love a snow day Reasons to love a snow day Reasons to love a snow day

5. It encourages community spirit

Suddenly everyone at the school gates actually start speaking to each other.

Neighbours who you’ve lived next to for ten years, and have never uttered a word to you, offer up their opinions on why the council should be ashamed at the terrible lack of gritters.

People queuing at the shop (for there are queues. Queues everywhere) stop to chat about the last time they saw this much snow.

Snow brings people together.

6. It’s totally OK not to leave the house unless you have to.

We live so close to the preschool that the kids are still in today (hurrah! they’ll love it) but quite frankly the exertion of the school run is enough for me; once they return it will an afternoon for films on the sofa under a duvet.

If they aren’t all snowed-out from preschool and they want to play in the garden that’s fine; I will watch them and offer encouragement by way of nodding from the comfort of a chair in the living room.

7. You can have the heating on all day AND NO ONE CAN COMPLAIN.

YES I turned the thermostat up but I’m sure that bastard thing lies WHAT OF IT I was cold.

Enjoy your snow days!

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