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In case you’ve not come across the Trunki brand before, they make a range travel accessories for children, including Trunki ride-on suitcases.

Trunkis are made from very sturdy plastic – the same as an adult suitcase – and are suitable for children from age 3 up to 50kg!

They’re small enough to fit in hand luggage meaning you can have them with you on a flight, and have an 18 litre capacity; big enough to hold everything a preschooler needs for a weekend away.

The most unique thing about the Trunki suitcase is that it has wheels, and when your child gets bored of walking at the airport, they can use it as a ride-on toy. If they are tired, a parent can use the included tow strap clipped to the front to pull them along. I imagine they would be great for airport dashes when they have outgrown the buggy but still have little legs – as long as they are old enough to  keep still and it’s not a very busy airport. I’ve not tried dragging them long distances though!

Unicorn Trunki and Paddington Trunki review (2)

We were offered some Trunkis for review; we chose a Una the Unicorn Trunki for my oldest and a Paddington Bear Trunki for my youngest.

Una the Unicorn Trunki

Everything is Unicorns at the moment so it seems, and there is a good reason; kids totally love unicorns. My daughter is no exception to the rule.

In pastel “unicorn” colours with a detachable multi-colour tail, the Una Trunki also comes with glittery foam stickers that can be used to customise the suitcase.

Tail - Una the Unicorn Trunki

The stickers include a ‘horn’ which is a little fiddly to put in place and not particularly durable.

We attached it but I shouldn’t think it will last very long if I’m honest; I was imagining it would be made from something a bit more sturdy. It definitely wouldn’t last in a hold of a plane.

However at £39.99 Una the Unicorn Trunki is the same price as other special Trunkis, and cheaper than the character Trunkis which come in at £44.99.

It is attractive, and even without the accessories would appeal to my biggest (aged 4).

Una the Unicorn Trunki review

Inside both Trunki suitcases there are straps to keep teddies or luggage in place and an elasticated internal pocket to keep small things inside.

There are also stickers, instructions and a Trunki passport to cut out.

Inside Una the Unicorn Trunki

Paddington Bear Trunki

The Paddington Bear Trunki is a beautifully decorated ride-on suitcase in the classic Paddington colours, perfect for any Paddington Bear fan (which we definitely are). It retails at £44.99

Paddington Bear Trunki

It also comes with a tow strap and stickers which can be used to decorate it.

The Trunkis have two latches which you squeeze to open the suitcase, and you can ‘lock’ so that they can’t open mid-journey and spill the contents.

What did the kids think of their Trunkis?

Both children were really excited by their new ride-on toys; because of course they don’t have to be used in a practical way but make great transport for getting through the house…

Unicorn Trunki and Paddington Trunki review (29)

The wheels are sturdy, the case is hard and bears their weight easily. I have no doubt that they will last them both several years of use.

Once they had worked out how to open and close them, they went upstairs to pack their new Trunki suitcases for their travels (to where, I’m not sure).

The suitcases hold a surprising amount of clothes and ‘stuff’; I think if you packed carefully you might even get a whole weeks’ worth in there (minus toys and books which are, apparently, very important to take with you on holiday).

Packed Paddington Bear Trunki inside

Having stuffed many a duffle bag with children’s clothes, these are far better because you can fold things and they will stay folded. Not that the kids care, but when you’re packing them off to grandparents’ or going on holiday it’s nice if not all their clothes are completely crumpled!

If you have young children and you like to travel, then I think a Trunki ride-on suitcase is worth the investment!

If you fancy a Trunki ride-on suitcase for your little one, visit their website and follow on Twitter or Facebook.

We received these Trunkis free of charge for the purposes of this review but pictures and words are my own.

Now, here is the really exciting bit…Trunki ride on suitcases

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