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Paddington 2
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Paddington 2 is out in cinemas this weekend (10th November), and we were lucky to be invited along to a special preview screening in London.

Here, without further ado, is our Paddington 2 review!

Along with my two and three year olds, we arrived into London and found the Soho Hotel where the event was being held. There were face painters, a balloon modeller and even marmalade sandwiches (what else!) before we all took our seats for the main event; a sneaky preview of Paddington 2 on the big screen.

Paddington 2 review - Is Paddington 2 a good film? Is it suitable for young children of two, three and four?

If I had to describe Paddington 2 in two words, those words would be lovely and heartwarming.

Paddington, who is now very much part of the Brown household and a much loved resident of Windsor Gardens, is on the hunt for a gift for his Aunt Lucy’s 100th birthday. His elderly Aunt always wished to visit London, and luckily, he finds the perfect thing in Gruber’s antique shop; a beautiful pop-up book of the city. However no sooner has he found a job and saved up the money to pay for it, the pop-up book is stolen, and Paddington finds himself the prime suspect!

Paddington 2 has a spectacular British cast.

Name a comedian or actor you love and they’re probably in it somewhere. Hugh Grant is perfect as the baddie Phoenix¬†Buchanan; an ageing actor refusing to believe that his glory days are behind him. I’m not usually a fan, but the character was brilliant and a far cry from his rom-com roots.

Paddington 2 is a very funny film and unless you are genuinely made of stone you’ll find yourself laughing a lot throughout, whatever your age. My children loved the physical comedy; nothing is funnier than a bear splatting on a window or cleaning a window with his bottom, but there are a lot of laughs for adults too. Hugh Bonneville as Mr Brown, currently going through a midlife crisis, was particularly good. Look out for cameos from Richard Ayeode, Joanna Lumley and Meera Syal.

Meeting Paddington bear at Paddington 2 review - Is Paddington 2 suitable for young children of two, three and four?

Is Paddington 2 suitable for young children of two, three and four?

Yes! My three year old (VERY almost-four year old) thoroughly enjoyed Paddington 2, and giggled the whole way through.

It even captured the attention of my youngest, who at two years old stayed still for the entire film which was 1 hour 43minutes long! If that’s not a testament to the film, I don’t know what is. He really isn’t the sitting still kind.

There were some moments of VERY mild peril. My daughter is a very sensitive soul and does not like it when people are told off or there is even a hint of danger. We aren’t talking any heart-in-mouth moments and nothing unsuitable for her age group. She sat on my lap through any bits she didn’t like, like the scene on the train. I said it would be OK, and of course it was; every character had a happy ending!

Honestly, without sounding fawning I cannot remember a film I’d liked so instantly, or so innocently.

If I was the star-giving type, I’d be giving Paddington 2 five stars. It has everything you could want from a jolly good family film; I can’t fault it. I’m really excited to watch the first film now; my two were just a bit too young when it came out, but I think they’d love it.

Oh, and it’s definitely worth staying for the end credits. If only to hide the fact that you may have let a little tear or two roll down your cheek at the end.

Paddington 2 review - Paddington 2 is in the cinemas on November 10th and we went to a preview screening. Here is our Paddington 2 review (spoiler alert - we loved it!). Paddington 2 review - Is Paddington 2 a good film for young children or toddlers? Is it suitable for two, three and four year olds?

Thanks to ThinkJam for inviting us along to this preview screening. If you can catch Paddington 2 at your local cinema, you should definitely go!

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