Dear October: You suck (sorry)

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We’re over a month into the school term now.

One month since the big one went back to preschool. It seems to have absolutely flown past, despite the fact that we’ve had builders in the house every day (even on the weekends!) and the small one has been at home with me every day, his childminder having moved at the beginning of September.

One month down, three to go until he starts preschool. Not that I’m counting.

September was a really busy month.

I went to a lot blogging events, many of which included drinking and chatting with lovely people which is always hard work. When I’ve not been out, or looking after one or both of my children (also known as ‘refereeing’), I’ve been pouring every moment into this blog; with my husband finishing his job this week, it did occur to me that he might not find another one for a while and we’d be eating beans in a cardboard box unless I picked up my A-game… But not to worry, he is starting a new one on October 16th and I can rest easy and go back to being lacklustre and half-arsed. Phew.

October is a month I have mixed feelings about.

I always feel as if it turns up just to make me feel bad for taking the summer for granted. It always catches me by surprise; this year my entire autumn/winter wardrobe is in our storage unit; all my boots, every scarf and pair of gloves my family owns, and most of my coats and jumpers hidden underneath a room’s worth of furniture. Not my finest moment. My feet are quite cold.

On the one hand, it contains my birthday (and my husband’s – same day, remember?) and according to every blog every written there is lots of autumnal fun to be had making leaf-prints and shit out of conkers but on the other it’s cold. I hate that. Hate it. It’s not been a great summer; early on it had its moments (remember that heatwave you all complained about? Bet you feel stupid now) but even a crappy July is nothing compared to the chill of October.

Everyone is always ill. It’s also dark.

Don’t try and argue Halloween, I’m not a fan. Pumpkins are rank, there is a reason no one eats the bastard things at any other time of year, and trick or treat can sod off.

Our extension should be completed this month, or near enough.

Being confined to one room all summer has been pretty hard; there is mess everywhere which I’ve basically given up on. Trying to take half decent review photos in the one corner of the room which I’ve managed to make presentable is getting more difficult by the minute. If you’ve seen a picture of my house looking anything but a shambles recently it’s all lies.

Let’s not think about the decorating yet (I can’t even pick a sodding paint colour; it feels like too much of a commitment) or the paying it off over the next 18 years.

But like it or not, it’s here.

Time to pull up my boots, stick on a jumper and scarf and appreciate the autumn air. Or at least it will be when I’ve found them.

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