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I have gone a bit quiet on the subject of my extension, I realise.

To be honest the process hasn’t been as painful as I first envisaged and all the funny stories of woe that I was expecting just haven’t materialised! This probably isn’t a bad thing I realise.

So we’re nearly there; the upstairs bedroom and the porch have been plastered, and soon it’ll be time to decorate and pick out furnishings. I can’t wait for that bit; I am a big fan of Ikea. Oh yes, when it comes to bedding, storage and furniture I can spend spend spend.

Other things…aren’t so exciting. 

For example picking out things like paint, units and flooring; but they still have to be done!

Our house is currently carpeted. I would love a really thick, lush carpet in the bedroom but having learned through bitter experience that children, spaghetti Bolognese, potty training and carpets don’t mix, I’ll be making sure that the floor in the living space is wipe clean. What I’d really like is hardwood flooring; but given we have a dog and two children the expense just can’t be justified.  This vinyl flooring looks like a good compromise; nice to look at and really easy to clean which is my top priority.

Although we’re not getting our kitchen re-done now, it is falling apart (literally, and beyond repair) and as we were already getting a quote for the utility room units, we thought we’d find out how much it would cost with a view to booking it in for next year. These are the units we’re having in the utility room; I fancy something a bit more solid in the kitchen!

In terms of the walls, there will be A LOT of painting to do. Although I’m set on a nice duck egg blue in the bedroom, downstairs needs to be light and airy and neutral. Do you know how many different ‘neutrals’ there are to choose from? A BILLION. Or at least hundreds. This is the task I’m least looking forward to if I’m honest; both the choosing and the painting.

Lighting is really important, the internet keeps telling me, and I have spent many hours browsing Dusk Lighting, trying to get excited about light fittings. It’s not an easy job. I think a full on chandelier might be a bit much… After much deliberation we’ve picked out these lights for the bedroom; just another 10 or so to pick!

I’m hoping to update stage by stage, so make sure you do follow my Home and Garden section where I’ll be posting about the joys that decorating bring!

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