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So you may or may not be aware that over on Facebook I have a bit of a reputation for being a fashionista, bringing the newest and most exciting fashion trends to the attention of my followers.

It’s a gift that I don’t mind sharing. I’m nice like that.

My friend Sam and I (mainly her, I have to be honest) have even made a Facebook group (join us!) dedicated to our weird and wonderful fashion finds. Recently one of our members started an amazing thread reminiscing over our favourite brilliant-but-actually-awful 90s fashion items.

We decided to do an extremely scientific poll* to select the top ten 90s fashion items, which every 90s girl had.

Here for you, my dear reader, are the results!

Scraping in at number ten; the most flattering of outfits, trousers with skirts attached. Otherwise known as Skants (skirt pants, get it? Cos Scousers was taken I guess) they were a blessing to teens who believed that they hid their chunky thigh. They didn’t. They looked horrible. Get yours here!

A special shout out here to anyone who had a Fat Willy’s Surf Shack tee, so basically any 90s kid who went on holiday to Cornwall. They also made the long list but were bumped in favour of the Colour Change T-Shirt, in at number nine.
Originally made popular by the brand Global Hypercolour who ought to be thoroughly ashamed really. Great fun, especially when you were sweaty around the pits and boob region. There is literally no redeeming feature of these shirts and yet, like so many 90s things, we had to have one. Want one? You can still buy one here if you like.
At number eight: Jelly Shoes; the ultimate collector of brown crud and foot sweat. If the happy memories overwrite the memories of how your feet actually felt wearing them, they are available in almost every colour imaginable here!
At seven, it’s Mood Rings. No longer necessary for me as it would constantly be on ‘exasperated’ but if you would like a piece of cheap jewellery which will not only reveal your mood but also turn your finger green, look no further!
A surprise number six, Butterfly Clips. Why a surprise? Well I’m fairly certain I still have some of these. Pair with hair mascara and random plaits for full 90s effect. Get yours here!
At five, Shag Bands! How many could you fit on your arm? Don’t forget, if it breaks then the rule is you have to have sex with the person who gave it to you even if you’re eleven and have no idea what that might entail. If you want to get lucky, here’s a set of 48 for £2.40. Bargain.
Showing a slightly ’90s grunger’ bias in the voters perhaps, these definitely bring back all the memories. At number four, Baggy Baggy Jeans, with the creme de la creme being the brand Criminal Damage (who look to only make skinny jeans now. Pfff).
God forbid you step in a puddle; it’ll soak all the way up to the knee. Genuine Baggy Baggy Jeans had bits trailing off and following you everywhere and as such were a potential trip hazard and a danger to everyone. Team with a studded belt for the ultimate look, I wore that combo right into the 2000s. They’re on Amazon here but you can’t actually buy them, just stare at them in awe.
Number three: Yin & Yang Anything. Showing that you were like, all up on Chinese philosophy and therefore had a deep and meaningful side. It’s something about opposites complementing each other, I think. You might think I’d look it up but meh.
If you had a Yin & Yang necklace that changed colour a la the mood ring, you were super cool. Maybe you had a friendship necklace; you kept the Yin and gave the Yang to your bestie? Anyway if you want to relive your youth and yet your mum cruelly binned yours, go here to buy yours for under two quid.
At two, the humble Scrunchie. Horrific really, but everyone had them. Beloved by Phoebe from Friends and Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All, how else exactly would a 90s kid keep the hair off of their face? If you want a 12-pack containing a colour to suit every outfit then look no further.
Universally voted in at number one, Kickers Shoes. I had a pair of these clunky 90s nightmares which I bought in the sale with the money from my first waitressing job which paid £2.50 an hour, and they didn’t even fit properly. About as dainty as an elephant doing ballet, at least they were practical, I guess… If you were a fan you can of course still buy them here.

And so that’s it folks… If you think we’ve missed something, do let us know.

Come join us in Dafuq is Dis? if that’s your thing.

Thanks to Sam for compiling the list and to Cassie for the idea!

*Poll of 100ish women who enjoy discussing awful fashion.

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