Co-“sleeping”: How do you do it?

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Co-"sleeping" with a mobile baby: How do you do it?

As those of you who follow me over on Facebook will know, about a month ago, we finally braved it and put the kids in together.

Yes, the toddler and the baby are now officially sharing a bedroom.

This was always the intention; we live in a two bedroom house so it needed to happen eventually. However given that neither of them had been the best at sleeping it seemed like a foolish move to try too soon.

The baby had been taking naps in his cot in the toddler’s room for some time and seems to like the space of the big cot bed and so, after a horrific weekend of being woken up every 45 minutes at night, out of sheer desperation I decided we had to try it out on a more permanent basis. It couldn’t possibly be worse than the status quo.

Much to my amazement, it has actually worked out remarkably well thus far.

The toddler, unlike me, sleeps soundly through the baby’s brief nocturnal moans, shuffles and short cries, and as a huge bonus has stopped complaining loudly about going to bed now that they have bedtime together. She has also stopped waking up frequently in the night and/or waking us up, and the best news is that we generally don’t hear from the baby until (very) early in the morning. God bless these thick 1950s house walls.

It has meant that, contrary to all expectations, I have not yet been able to write an utterly hilarious blog post about the misery that is having two children up all night… but this does not displease me.

Feeling a bit cocky perhaps, we got rid of the cot that was in our bedroom

Not just dismantled, but also taken sixty miles away to be put in indefinite storage. The room feels a lot bigger than it has for eight and a half months and I can get out of bed without smashing my hips on furniture so that’s a good thing. However it does mean that in the period between 5am and 7ish, when the baby decides he wants to wake up, whinge and then go back to sleep every 15 minutes or so, he has to come back into bed with me.

This diagram more or less explains how our co-sleeping arrangement goes down:

Assuming that a key component of co-sleeping is the sleeping bit, I’m clearly doing it all wrong. As someone who happily co-slept regularly with both of my babies until they were around 4 months and then occasionally after that when they were teething, poorly or wouldn’t settle (basically anything for an easy life), I still don’t understand how it is achieved on a consistent basis with a mobile baby who appears to have a death wish.

Maybe the co-sleepers among you can tell me where I’m going wrong?!



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