Happy New Year

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Happy new year - 2016 is here. Let's hope it has more sleep than 2015 did.

…From a very tired mummy. 

Of course I was not foolish enough to stay up to welcome the new year in, however my delightful neighbours treated us all to a half hour firework display at midnight to ensure I wouldn’t miss it.

Still, I may have been up with a screaming baby in the small hours last night but on the plus side, I ate way too much cheese so probably wouldn’t have been able to sleep much anyway.

So yes, it’s New Year’s Day. Time for a new start, lose a stone, promise to swear less, spend less time on my phone and more playing on the floor, be more patient with the children. Maybe bake more. I give it a week, tops. Not even that.

Incidentally the boy turns six months today.

That’s six months without any decent sleep and him fighting naps daily. Man, I’m tired – physically, and of the situation. He has marked the occasion by starting to crawl. Proper on his hands and knees crawling. Bother. If there’s one thing worse than a stroppy baby that doesn’t sleep, it’s a mobile one.

He has just gone into his cot for his morning nap. Well, kind of morning. After screaming from 4-6am (with regular timed reassurance from myself) I went against everything Ferber’s sleep training book (which I’ve actually enjoyed reading, there’s a lot of interesting stuff in there) said and when he woke up I let him go back to sleep after a feed. I did not have the energy to get out of bed on four or five hours of broken sleep.
Anyway, I’m on my second lot of waiting and he appears to have gone quiet but I’m a bit scared to look into Schroedinger’s cot. It’s still early days and I still have the fear of him waking and having to start again.
I’m hoping at some point it just clicks and he manages to get himself off to sleep easily and without any tears or screaming. I hate hate hate the idea of leaving him screaming for any length of time. I’ve tried bottles, I’ve tried going dairy free, I’m currently gluten free. I’ve bought infacol, I’ve bought gripe water, I’ve bought colief, I’ve tried various homoeopathic remedies. I’m positive it’s not colic, reflux, hunger or wind any more. He’s fine lying next to me but he doesn’t necessarily sleep and even if he did, sadly this is not something you can do when you have a toddler, particularly one who is potty training. I’ve already missed one stealth wee I just can’t locate.
He’s just a rubbish sleeper, probably due to his early days when all of these ailments kept him awake, and unless I want to be up every hour for the rest of my life (OK that might be a bit dramatic) something has to give.
If it works, I’ll do a proper review of the sleep training method. Because I’ll be well rested and have the time.
Happy New Year!


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