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When she wakes up tomorrow morning, my little girl will be celebrating her fifth birthday.

I could go into the trite cliches – It’s gone by in a flash, she’s growing up too quickly, how the hell am I even old enough to have a five year old (ahem)? – but from reading back my own posts (I started blogging when she had just turned two and her brother was five months old) I don’t think any of that is actually true.

It might feel like it now, but it certainly didn’t go by in a flash at the time.

Nevertheless, here we are.

In three years, she’s gone from a cute and curly chubby little toddler who drew on the walls (and denied it) and provided me with endless laughter and blog post material, to a grown-up little girl who is as kind as she is clever. A little girl who is now at school and learning to read, can add up, and perhaps more importantly knows intuitively when somebody is upset and needs a hug.

Who rarely does ridiculous things; which is a shame for blog material, but excellent for my sanity.

E Birthday Party in Pizza Express

A little girl who is almost too grown up sometimes, who wanted to ‘go for a meal’ for her fifth birthday (but we talked her up to a Pizza Express party – and by all accounts it was a roaring success).

Here are five things I’m looking forward to about having a five year old!

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1) No more tantrums

As her time being four comes to an end, we no longer have to deal with frustrated toddler tantrums. I’m not saying we never get an overtired emotional outburst, but for 95% of the time we are sailing on an even keel and she’s a joy to be around.

Always a smile on her face, going out with her, just the two of us, is a bit like going out with a friend, albeit one that makes you pay for everything and spills drinks down herself (I do have other friends that fit that bill).

2) The return of my tiny handbags

She can now take her own damn bag with her, and carry it around, so I no longer need to take a backpack with clothes, water bottles and snacks inside it.

3) More time apart

When it comes to kids, I find absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder.

With full time school (and dare I hope?) the promise of drop-off parties on the horizon, I feel like I can appreciate the time we spend together much easier because we aren’t driving each other crazy all day.

4) Fierce independence

She’s been very independent for a long time, requiring next to no help getting ready for school and even being keen on making her own breakfast. One step closer to breakfast in bed for me…

Oh and less bum-wiping too.

5) Less shit TV

The graduation to CBBC from CBeebies will surely start soon. No more Mr Tumble! No more Peppa! HURRAH.

I feel like five is going to be my favourite age yet.

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