Cherish every moment? Hardly

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I do totally cherish every moment. Honestly.

For funsies, I asked some bloggery friends of mine about the importance of cherishing every moment. 

Here is what they had to say.

I think I realised how important it was to cherish every moment when my daughter decided to start hiding her shit in between her books and her room turned into the Somme every f!cking night. Suzanne, And another ten things

I cherish the moments when my son comes up to me trying to put a finger full of poo in my mouth, or when he thinks that my boob is exactly the right place to smear his snot. Jenni, Chilling with Lucas

When my eldest got home from a 5 day holiday with her grandparents, I was pretty much mewing into a lace handkerchief because I’d missed her so much. However, normality was instantly resumed as she trampled over the sofa in her sandy Crocs, demanded I put the TV on, then screamed for me to phone Daddy so that she could tell him how much I was upsetting her. Sam, Mouse, Moo and Me Too

I cherish every moment between 9.10-2.45 Monday to Friday because I actually have time to catch up with life, work, naps, stuff I want to do…when Evie is at school I can regain some of my freedom. I love our time together, but it’s really hard to feel #soblessed when I’m being yelled at on the way home from school and told I’m hated. Kat, Candyfloss & Dreams

I half look forward to having an operation just for the rest. Erica, The Incidental Parent

I cherish every moment when my boy decides he doesn’t want to do the school run. He won’t put his shoes and socks on. We chase up and down the living room. He kangaroo kicks me in the throat and head butts me. I put his hoodie on, he takes it off. We finally leave the house and he will just lay there. On the floor. I hastily ring around the other mums to see if someone can get Aoife. Weekly. Anna, Me Annie Bee

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