Fourteen short breaks for mums

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Being a parent is an extremely demanding role. As jobs go, the pay is pretty shit too, and there are very few holidays. It can be so hard to take much-needed time for yourself.

The days of luxury spa treatments and spending hours in the hairdresser’s chair might be over, for a while at least, but you can and you should reclaim some of that precious me-time to keep yourself centred!

It’s easy!

Here are no fewer than fourteen short breaks for beleaguered mums:

Go on, treat yourself.

1. That time you walk to the kettle to pointlessly pour hot water into your mug.

2. That all-too-brief period when all the children are sleeping and you’re finally climbing into bed for a good four hours of peaceful shut eye. Bliss.

3. The 12 seconds (approximately) between your bum cheeks touching the seat and your kids realising you’re in the loo and they need you NOW.

4. That one time your kid spotted a loud, bright advert on the telly and got distracted and didn’t say Mummy for a solid two minutes.

5. The well-timed journey when your child(ren) fell asleep in the car and it was just you, Google maps and Radio 2.

6. The occasions your kid befriends another parent at soft play who is too polite to shake them, and there is wifi.

7. In the morning when you’re in the shower and for that few minutes, with water in your ears, you can’t hear the screaming and pounding on the door.

8. The sixteen seconds it takes between strapping your child into their car seat and shutting the door, and strolling casually around to the driver’s side. Breathe that silence in deeply.

9. The two minutes that proceeds your child saying ‘watch this’ and you know it won’t be worth it so you let your mind wander.

10. A trip to the dentist. It’s kind of like a spa; you get to lie down and everything.

11. When the phone rings, and it’s Nanny! Go on, let them babble away and enjoy the moment.

12. Every time the post arrives. Yes, it’s more stuff to colour in! Thanks NPower.

13. When daddy walks in from work. All hail Daddy.

14. The minute that it takes them to eat a kinder egg, and then realise the toy is shit.

There you go mums, I hope you’ve found some top tips for incorporating more ‘you’ time into your daily routine.

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