Need something exciting to do this weekend? Go to Tesco

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Sunday evening… If I had a job, this would be when the fear would be setting in. 

As it is, I’ve the same level of fear as I have every day, mainly about what time I’ll be woken up.

I’d probably be lying if I said we had an exciting weekend. The highlight of today was going to Tesco because we were suddenly out of everything. Food can be phoned in, but toilet roll can’t.

It started off as my husband asking ‘I’ll just go to the shops, is there anything you want me to get?’ and then 15 minutes of writing a list later, we decided this wasn’t a job for Sainsbury’s Local. We needed to do a Big Shop.

We got to Tesco and parked up.

Meanwhile I watched not one but two BMWs (IT IS ALWAYS BMWs) park up in the parent spaces and then their rather singular and childfree driver jump out and run in to the shop.

There were spaces much nearer to the doors free too – I think they just do it on purpose now just to wind us poor parents up, as if we haven’t got enough to raise our blood pressure when we are at the supermarket with kids.

You know a trip to the supermarket is going to be fab when you’ve already had to deal with one screaming tantrum between the car and the shop, and have to carry one of your children in with both arms, in the way that you might hold a barrel, because they’re so hell bent on escaping.

Fortunately I had remembered my Clubcard because the self-scanner thingamy kept them happy and quiet for a while, although once they’d worked out how to make it beep soon they were attempting to scan everything in the shop, so we had to nip that in the bud.

The free fruit for kids, which by the way is AMAZING, cheers Tesco, would usually have kept them quiet for a few minutes but it was all gone.

What would we do to keep them entertained for the duration of the shop?

We needn’t have worried. After ten minutes of browsing in the non-food section (because there is apparently no limit to the number of £4 T-shirts we must own) a voice over the tannoy announced that they were closing for training in 15 minutes. We took one child each and attempted a supermarket-sweep style trip round the store to get everything we needed.

I forgot tomatoes, teabags (woe) and anything really with which to make an actual dinner, but I’m sure you’ll be relieved to hear I remembered wine, popcorn and sweets.

Next time it’s Ocado all the way.

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