Big firsts: With two under two I’ll take all the wins that I can

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I haven’t updated in a while because, well, there hasn’t really been a lot to update.

Potty training went to shit (fortunately figuratively rather than literally) as soon as daddy was back at work. Suddenly weeing on the carpet was more fun than stickers or chocolate.

I made the executive decision to bring back the nappies and revisit it in the summer when an accident would mean watering the grass rather than mummy buying a carpet cleaner, accidentally soaking the carpets and having a wet dog smell in the living room for a week and a half.

Of course, a full week after throwing in the towel (and the carpet cleaner), the moment we had another toddler in the house who dared go near the potty there was a shout of ‘mine, my potty, mummy trousers down’ and a huge perfectly timed wee.

But unless I can borrow said competitive toddler full time I don’t think we’ll be getting very far very fast.

Sleep training went very well.

For two days we had him sleeping 8pm-5am which was bloody amazing, and then he got a cold and I’ve been up every hour since.

He’s still a huge ball of snot so I can’t see it getting better any time soon…

But when he is, I am confident we can get him sleeping alright. As long as he doesn’t get ill, or develop another food intolerance, or go through a Wonder Week leap, or try to learn something new.

At 6.5 months, he today learnt to sit himself up and pull himself up to standing and then stand with one hand. He already crawls, fast. My toddler was always so ‘on time’ with all her milestones, I was ill prepared for this.

I’ve built a cage – I mean playpen – which takes up half my living room. Of course the toddler wants to use it as a den and keeps filling it with crayons and other choking hazards so it’s not working remarkably well, but at least he hasn’t chewed the wires again.

This week, although sadly not graced by sleep, has however marked some watershed moments for me.

Namely, my first supermarket BIG SHOP with the pair of them, on my own (I’m usually an Ocado girl, but it was pouring and I was desperate for something to do that involved leaving the house but didn’t involve other people’s snotty shouty toddlers. One is enough) and taking them to lunch, on my own, in a real live restaurant when actual people were there, enjoying their free time.

…and you know what? I survived.

Maybe it’s not that bad.

Of course, that was about all the amazing mothering I could handle for one week and while the toddler was at the childminder’s today, I mainly locked the playpen whilst catching up on Making a Murderer.

Two under two

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