Let me introduce myself

Parenting and life

I am Fran.

I have a two year old girl, who is incredibly bright, remembers everything and is not easily fooled. Her favourite things are colouring, cake and Peppa Pig.

Things she does not enjoy include listening, brushing her teeth, washing her hair, getting dressed, getting into a buggy, putting her shoes on, taking her shoes off, having her nappy changed, sitting on the toilet, sharing toys, eating things she ate yesterday quite happily, naps, bedtime, getting up… Your average two year old then.

I also have a nearly six month old boy who enjoys being awake, screaming, puking and eating.

He dislikes milk, falling asleep, staying asleep, buggies, car seats and being put down anywhere. He’s fairly exhausting. You know you’re in for trouble when the midwives on the maternity ward comment on how alert he is…. And we were only in one night.

Like his older sister he suffered from silent reflux as well as bog standard cover-everyone-and-everything-in-puke reflux but unlike my smiley, happy, non sleeping firstborn he also suffered from colic for the first four months which meant he was skinny and miserable as well as never sleeping, leaving me questioning daily whether I had in fact committed atrocities in a former life.

He is lucky he’s very cute or I would have given him up to the circus folk.

Whinge Whinge Wine

I have a dog who is a huge jerk.

His favourite games are to try and trip me up, bonus points if I happen to be carrying a child, and to bark at nothing the minute a child is napping, an elderly Guinea pig, a big tank of fish and a husband who is generally hands on and an all round good egg.

I have no experience writing a blog, and very little time to do it, but in a bid to keep myself sane I thought I would document some of the trials and tribulations of life with two small people, one of whom doesn’t sleep and one who does when it suits her, and hopefully find some humour in an otherwise often shitty (figuratively and definitely literally) situation.

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