9 things to pack for a UK family staycation

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The UK has plenty of brilliant beaches, beautiful countryside, quaint towns and exciting attractions which make it perfect for a family holiday.

When you take a self-catered family holiday in the UK, you have to think carefully about what you take with you.

Although there is likely to be a supermarket just down the road, it does feel like you’re wasting your holiday a bit trying to navigate an unfamiliar Asda, so it’s better to be prepared!

Walking over the fields to the sea - packing for a UK staycation holiday

I’ve written a post about things to remember when going on a summer holiday abroad, but there are some things you need to consider for a UK staycation.

1) Clothes for all weathers

Ah, the good old British weather; you can’t beat it and you can’t predict it either. It can feel odd packing wellies when it’s been 30+ degrees all week but it can change so quickly! Fortunately you don’t have a strict luggage allowance when you’re driving.

Washing up sponges - what to pack for a staycation holiday in the UK

2) Washing up liquid & sponges

When you’re self catering, you need to make sure you have washing up liquid and sponges. Some places like holiday cottages supply these, but if you’re going to a caravan park then you need to remember to take your own or face the over-inflated prices in the site shop.

first aid kid - things to pack for a uk staycation

3) A first aid kit

You should really take one everywhere with you, but we left our family first aid kit in our large suitcase in the loft and therefore when my oldest came off her scooter onto her nose, we realised we didn’t have anything to hand. This 20 piece personal first aid kit from Engelbert Strauss contains everything you need in an emergency including plasters, scissors and dressings.

4) Dressing gown and slippers

Caravans get chilly in the evening and first thing in the morning and I wish I’d remembered to bring mine with me!

Towels: What to pack on a UK holiday staycation

5) Towels

Some places supply towels but others don’t. It’s easy to assume, so make sure you know for sure unless you want to end up having to buy more, this includes tea towels!

6) Books

Once the kids are in bed, long evenings without Wi-Fi are a distinct possibility. What even are those, you ask? I know. I wish I’d taken books; I’m not foolish enough to think I’d get them read while the children were awake (perhaps laying on a beach…) but I could probably have finished one instead of watching repeats of Bones.

Rockpooling - things to pack for a uk staycation

Here are some other really handy suggestions from other bloggers!

7) Antibacterial wipes

They make it really quick and easy to wipe over the bathroom or kitchen surfaces. Jennie from Ricecakes and Raisins

Loo roll - things to remember to take on your British holiday

8) Toilet Roll

Always take your own loo roll! They only usually provide one roll and if they do it’s usually so thin it’s see-through. Emily from Emily and Indiana

9) A camping stove

Handy for beach or forest barbecues. Lianne from Ankle Biters Adventures

What are your must-pack items for holidaying in the UK?

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