A visit to the new World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park, Hertfordshire

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Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire is a fabulous zoo and family attraction.

Almost a year to the day since we first visited Paradise Wildlife Park, we went back again to see the new World of Dinosaurs!

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Paradise Wildlife Park is split roughly into halves with the entrance road separating the two areas; on one side is the animal park, and on the other you can find the adventure playgrounds, entertainment, cafe, Paradise Lagoon paddling pool, Rex Express train and the new World of Dinosaurs exhibit.

Of course I made my children suffer through the horror of having to see the animals before I let them go to the adventure playground and World of Dinosaurs trail; I have given up on trying to persuade them that actual real-live animals are in fact better than models.

I was spoilt for views of the big cats on my last visit; you can see the pictures from the treetops walkway here.

This time, having my family in tow, I had rather less time to snap the perfect shot but here is a quick slideshow of some of the animals you can meet at Paradise Wildlife Park.

  • Lion at Paradise Wildlife Park

There are various talks about the animals and feeding going on throughout the day; the timetable is on your park map as you go in.

In the animal park there’s also a little farm, where you can feed goats and sheep with food that is available to buy for £1.

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World of Dinosaurs

World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park

The new World of Dinosaurs was what the children (especially my dino-mad little boy) were really excited about!

Having seen several dinosaur attractions, most recently at Blackgang Chine on the Isle of Wight, I was interested to see how this would compare.

World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park

There are 30 animatronic, full-sized dinosaurs on a weaving woodland path.

They roar at you as you walk past, and short descriptions tell you about the dinosaurs which include triceratops, a t-rex, velociraptors, a plesiosaur in a pond and even a spitting dilophosaurus.

To find out all the species of dinosaur on display, check out the list here!

Brachiosaurus - world of dinosaurs

It’s really well done, the wood is the perfect setting for the dinos. They aren’t too cramped together so you get can up close, or stand back and appreciate how huge these fearsome beasts really were.

Even on a beautiful weekend the park wasn’t too cramped and there was plenty of room for everyone to see!

Here is a little peek at some of the dinosaurs we saw.

  • Triceratops World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park

There are loads of opportunities for you to get selfies with the dinosaurs – the best selfie spots are marked out – and you can even get a pic in a jeep speeding away from a roaring t-rex if you’re brave enough!

T-rex at World of Dinosaurs

You can spend a good half hour walking the dino route, much longer if you read the signs and spend time looking at the dinos.

Despite my eldest professing to be scared they still went through it twice while we were there and probably spend well over an hour in the World of Dinosaurs in total.

What else is there at Paradise Wildlife Park?

On the other side of the park there is a lot to entertain children.

Last time we spent quite a long time in Dumbleby Forest; a place where young children can take their dummies when they’re giving them up! This has significantly downsized and moved to the other side of the park to make way for the new dinosaur attraction. The sandpit and ride-on-toy area has also disappeared.

Playground at Paradise Wildlife Park Broxbourne Hertfordshire

There is still a huge adventure playground area with a lot of different equipment for children of all age groups.

Playground at Paradise Wildlife Park Broxbourne Hertfordshire

Most is free although there are some attractions (like the water shooting and diggers) that costs extra. There is also the Rex Express train which takes you through the woods. This costs £2 extra per person.

There is an indoor soft play, but thankfully we managed to swerve that particular delight.

For really hot days (like the day we went!) there is a splash pool. We didn’t know this and had to let the kids paddle and splash in their shorts, so make sure if you go and the weather is good you remember swimming costumes and a towel!

Paradise Wildlife Park Broxbourne Hertfordshire (257)

Lastly there’s an entertainment stage.

On peak days there is entertainment on the hour; from dancing competitions to meet the dinosaur!

Paradise Wildlife Park Broxbourne Hertfordshire (167)

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World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park

Where to eat at Paradise Wildlife Park.

There are plenty of places to eat picnics, as well as a large restaurant, Safari Sam’s Diner, serving meals and jacket potatoes. There is also the Treetops Cafe, overlooking the tigers, although this was closed for a private function.

Dinner at Safari Sam's Diner

All in all we had a fabulous day at Paradise Wildlife Park.

The World of Dinosaurs is definitely worth a visit if you have a little dinosaur fan, but there is more than enough to keep children of all ages entertained at the park.

Tickets cost £21 for an adult and £18.50 for a child over two, and you can save money by booking online here. If we lived just a shade nearer I would definitely consider buying zoo passes (£85 for adults and £70 for children) as there is just so much to do!

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For more about Paradise Wildlife Park, visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

We were given free entry for the purposes of this review but words and pictures are my own.

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