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A little while ago, we went to London to take part in the VTech Tour de Trike.

The event was put on for bloggers to learn about the VTech 5 in 1 Trike.

It was an…erm… interesting experience, largely owing to the journey home, and I wrote about it on my Facebook page and then latterly on my blog here.

However I thought it would be useful to tell you a bit more about the trike itself.

The idea behind the VTech 5 in 1 Stroll & Grow Trike is that it will last from 9 months until 6 years by adapting as the child grows.

The five stages of the VTech 5 in 1 Stroll & Grow Trike

Stage one: The activity panel.

VTech 5in1 Stroll and Grow Trike review

Yes, it’s VTech, so of COURSE it has buttons and sounds and some flashy lights. And songs, oh, the songs.

Actually of all the toy companies VTech toys are probably the ones that I find least offensive. Possibly because it’s not in some weird American accent, and all the songs are harmless enough (at least on hearings 1-101).

The panel is waterproof so you don’t have to bring it inside; great if you’re a bit pushed for space!

Stage two: Stroll

Once baby can be trusted not to flop all over the place, they can use the trike as a mode of transport. Properly strapped in, with the steering control turned off and the footrest, safety bar and handle in place, they can be pushed along by the parent while being entertained by the activity panel.

vtech TourDeTrike

Stage 3: Train

The footrest and safety bar removed, the slightly older child of 12 months+ can try their best to pedal… Although it won’t do much as their parent is pushing them along and has full control.

Step 4: Ride!

From 2-4 years they can start to pedal and steer for themselves. This is where my daughter is at now; alas my two year old is still too weeny to get to the pedals when it’s set up for her.vtech 5 in 1 trike

Step5: Drift

From 4-6 years, by changing the settings on the back wheels, children can use the bike to drift around corners. We’ve given this a good go and it’s a lot of fun although you need a fairly flat, open space like a playground to try it*.

What makes the VTech 5 in 1 Stroll & Grow Trike different?

The thing that sets the VTech 5 in 1 Stroll & Grow Trike apart from other trikes we have seen or tried is the electronic activity panel as mentioned above.

Each stage has a corresponding mode on the electronic activity panel with different sentences and songs.vtech 5 in 1 trike

As well as singing five different little songs and playing 10 familiar melodies, the panel also has a horn, a key, a gear leaver and when you turn the handles it will also tell you which way you’re going.

I swear that the big one has learned her left from her right just by using it; something that shamefully, at 21 (and a few) years I still have not mastered.

We’ve really enjoyed putting the VTech 5 in 1 Stroll & Grow Trike through its paces.

Although I think that by six years most children will be wanting a normal bike as opposed to a trike, it still appeals to my almost-four year old, so there is definitely some longevity to it especially if you buy it earlier on.

It retails for around £109.99 but Amazon currently have it for £99.99 here. Considering the cost of similar trikes on the market, the fact that this also has an electronic panel and a drift mode make it a good choice for Christmas!

We were given the VTech 5 in 1 Stroll & Grow Trike free for the purposes of this review.

You can find out more about the Trike from the VTech site here

*You can find a number of tried and tested Tour de Trike routes around the country here!

Here is ours!

Vtech tour de trike map

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