Don’t forget! The clocks go back TONIGHT*

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Oh goody, it’s that time of year again; daylight savings time.

Here is a little ‘clocks go back Peppa Pig meme’ that I made to celebrate this day last year…

Ha ha ha ha, right? *weeps*

The clocks go back tonight – or more accurately, at 2am tomorrow morning. Hopefully while I’m fast asleep.

Once, in my youth, I was in a club and at 2am we all set our watches back an hour and carried on drinking and dancing, safe in the knowledge that we could have an extra long lie in the next morning.

Oh, how things change.

Tomorrow, parents across the country must prepare ourselves for getting up at ‘used to be really early but is now obnoxiously so‘ o’clock.

Autumn┬áis all so blah anyway, and what I really could do without is the evenings get even sodding darker than they are already. I would absolutely sign a petition to get daylight savings time canned, it serves no useful purpose aside for confusing people who are over-reliant on technology to tell the time (has it changed? Hasn’t it? Who knows. Better find an old-school clock stat!).

I’m sure I was told once that it used to be something about farmers but I asked a friend who’s a farmer and she had no idea either. I think ‘they’ just like to watch us poor parents suffer.

Pro tips for survival; remember to change your toddler’s Gro-clock BEFORE you put them to bed and take your fully-charged iPad to bed with you for a swift handover.

Good luck all.

Any child-free people that bang on about having an extra hour in bed will be swiftly de-friended.

Here because you love memes? Me too.

*in the UK, where I am. If you’re in the USA it might be next week? Or something… But I take absolutely no responsibility for the accuracy of that information and if you miss your yoga class it’s not my fault.

Clocks go back Peppa Pig meme: Don't forget, the clocks go back this Sunday. Enjoy your extra hour of Peppa Pig! Anyone that bangs on about having an extra hour in bed will be defriended. Daylight Savings time meme

Clocks go back Peppa Pig meme

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