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The big one has just started preschool.

It is an emotional time. Not for her (she’s fine), for me.

Mainly because of the fact she’s only away for three hours at a time twice a week and during those three hours (about 2hrs 40minutes taking out the walk there and back) I have to:

  • Get the small one down for his nap. Last Thursday this took an hour and 45 minutes. It was not a good day
  • Make the house reasonably presentable, put on washing, put the dishwasher on (this step often gets skipped entirely, I won’t lie)
  • Watch Bake Off
  • Wait for the computer to upgrade Windows because it’s decided it has to do it NOW
  • Maybe do an online shop. Or a real one (shudder)
  • Write stuff for this blog.


First day of preschool.

Oh, and of course it means she’s growing up too. Sob.

I genuinely can’t believe how quickly it’s happening, right in front of my eyes she has turned from a bald, puking, screaming newborn to a puking, screaming toddler with a metric tonne of attitude and extremely beautiful hair, which old ladies stop us and comment on at least once per day.

She’s a bright little cookie too. I mean, all kids are according to their own parents, I know that, but she’s not even three and her understanding of things just blows me away. You cannot pull the wool over her eyes, not ever. She also has this excitement about learning. She wants to know WHY. Because it just is, and I’m your mother and I said so, that’s why.

When the chance to review the Funcomet Happy Calc maths puzzle aimed at three year olds came about I thought, hell, she’s nearly three.

Let’s have a bash. She’s a wee genius, she can count to 20 perfectly as long as you aren’t too bothered about 16, she’ll have it figured out in seconds. And it doesn’t make any annoying electronic sounds! Winner winner chicken dinner.

Still in the plastic…

When it first arrived and I opened the box I couldn’t believe how many pieces there were – 138 to be precise. I have to be honest, it did dawn on me that maybe I was being a little optimistic, but we cracked it out anyway.

Pepping up

At first, she was confused about the lack of structure and rules. Not having a picture to copy… Well she didn’t really understand that, and it wasn’t really what I was expecting either. But then she started spotting pieces that were the same, so we made a game up. When she’d found two numbers that matched, they could go side by side, she could slot them into the rocket ship and fly it home to safety.

We’ve had it a few weeks now, and she’s had a fair bit of use out of it already although it has to be when the small one is asleep otherwise he snacks on the pieces and hides them around the house.

Seriously, so many pieces.

It is never ever going to fit back in the box

Aside from the teeny tiny box, our impressions were good.

The big one has enjoyed playing with it; as I left her in the care of Nanny and Grandad and swanned off to the MADs on Friday she had it out all over the living room floor at her request and was showing them how to make rockets.

I have no doubt that as she grows and starts learning basic maths that she will get much more out of it than simple number matching. That’s obviously the big pro; the way she uses the puzzle will develop as she gets older. I like a toy with staying power. I imagine you could keep playing with this way past 5 or 6 years old.

I was sent the HappyCalc maths puzzle free of charge for the purposes of this review. The words, opinions and pictures are all mine. 

If you’d like to buy one, you can do so here; they ship internationally.

FunComet are also on Facebook so do go and join them!

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