Schleich Eldrador Creatures review: New fire, ice, stone and water creatures!

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Disclaimer: I was sent these four Eldrador Creatures to review free of charge, but words and pictures are mine. This post contains affiliate links, see more information here

This week we’ve been playing with the new Schleich Eldrador Creatures!

Schleich is a classic and well-know brand which you may well be familiar with from your own childhood.

Schleich have been around since 1935 so clearly their hand-painted animal figures have stood the test of time.

In recent years, Schleich have expanded beyond animals into dinosaurs, Marvel figures, as well as bayala fairies and unicorns. They’re well made, good quality figures and our expanding collection are used regularly.

Schleich Eldrador Creatures review (85)

The Eldrador range, which is aimed at older children of 7+, is a collection of mythical creatures from the ice, lava, water and stone worlds, which fight against each other. 

There are four new characters, one from each world; the Fire Bull, Ice Spider, Battle Crab and Armoured Turtle and it was these we were sent to review.

Lava Bull Eldrador Creatures figure

Lava World Fire Bull - Schleich Eldrador Creatures review

Fire Bull

The Fire Bull is an angry, fiery red, orange and yellow creature from the Lava World. He has an RRP of £9.99.

Schleich Eldrador Creatures review (53)

At about 16cm long and made of solid, hard plastic with no articulated parts, he is the perfect hot headed baddie for your child’s Schleich creatures collection.

Ice Spider Eldrador Creatures figure

Ice Spider Schleich Eldrador Creatures review (79)

Ice Spider

The 18cm wide Ice Spider is unusual as it has a rubbery feel to it as opposed to Schleich’s usual hard plastic, and you can bend the legs. It has a translucent icy ‘crystal’ appearance. 

Ice Spider Schleich Eldrador Creatures review (79)

With its eight legs and eight eyes, the Ice Spider is a very cool customer, although unfortunately the paint started to rub off of the rubber ‘spikes’ on his back quite quickly.

Ice Spider Schleich Eldrador Creatures review (79)

The RRP of the Ice Spider is £9.99

Battle Crab with weapon Eldrador Creatures figure

The blue and red Water World Battle Crab comes with articulated parts; he swivels at the waist, his arms move up and down, and his wrists also rotate.

Battle crab with weapon - Schleich Eldrador Creatures review

Battle crab

His legs have a rubber texture, a bit like the Ice Spider, with a little less give.  He comes complete with a scythe-like weapon made of bone which he can hold.

Battle crab - Schleich Eldrador Creatures review (17)

With one large claw and a set of fearsome teeth, he was my son’s favourite creature! The RRP of the Battle Crab is £13.99.

Armoured Turtle with weapon Eldrador Creatures figure

My favourite of the new crew, from the Stone World is the Armoured Turtle, complete with a double-ended mace weapon for wreaking havoc. 

Armoured turtle with weapon - Schleich Eldrador Creatures review

Armoured turtle

Heavy and sturdy, his arms and of of his wrists are articulated, and he he has green ‘gems’ on his back.

Schleich Eldrador Creatures review Armoured turtle (4)

His RRP is £13.99.

What we like about Schleich Eldrador Creatures

Each of the Schleich Eldrador Creatures is totally different with unique features.

As usual, the attention to detail given to Schleich figurines is amazing and the quality of the hard plastic figures is excellent. The rubberised Ice Spider does however feel a little flimsier, but the other three creatures have the hard quality plastic and painted detail that you’d expect.

Schleich Eldrador Creatures review (109)

They may look a little ‘scary’ but my son (who is a bit younger than the recommended age for these figures of 7+) really loves playing with them, using them as baddies in his superhero games and battling them against each other. They’ve earned a prized spot in his bedroom toybox.

The Schleich Eldrador creatures have RRPs from £9.99-£14.99 each and can be purchased from good toy shops or online, including at Amazon from the links below.

You can see the entire Eldrador range on the Schleich website and there’s a site for children too.

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