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Disclaimer: We were sent these toys (Cutetito, Little Lucky Lunchbox and My Little Pony Retro) to review free of charge, but words and pictures are mine. This post contains affiliate links, see more information here

We were sent some toys to test out over the Easter Holidays. I won’t lie, I was pretty excited to see what the new ‘retro’ My Little Pony would be like, and whether my daughter would prefer it to her new (in my humble opinion, much more rubbish and less nostalgic) MLPs. 

But first up…


The Cutetito is a surprise blind bag collectible.

Basic Fun Cutetito Sloth review (14)

They are little beanbag soft toys which come wrapped up like a furry burrito, so you don’t know which one you’re going to get!

When you open the resealable packaging, you’ll have a burrito with foil at one end. Remove the foil to see which character you’ve got, and then unroll the burrito, which is done up with velcro, to reveal your new soft toy friend.

Basic Fun Cutetito Sloth review

There are 12 different Cutetitos to collect including puppitos, catitos, slothitos, pigitos, bunnitos, bearitos and monkitos!

On each Cutetito’s body there is a chili rating telling you how ‘hot’ your Cutetito is; mild, medium, hot or super spicy. There is also a pet collector card inside the packaging which tells you about your new Cutetito pet including their name and their birthday.

Basic Fun Cutetito Sloth review (27)

We got a pink Slothito!

Basic Fun Cutetito Sloth review (33)

The Cutetitos are much bigger than I was expecting at 19cm long, and the soft toy itself is filled with beans so fairly heavy too.

The little tortilla blanket is good; it has velcro so you can wrap your toy up again, and it will even go back into the plastic outer wrapper, although we couldn’t get the foil back on.

With an RRP of £9.99, Cutetitos are cute collectibles and not badly priced either. My only reservation would be that the chance of getting duplicates is quite high, so it could get expensive trying to collect the whole set or find a specific character. However as one off fun gifts I think they’re really fun!

Little Lucky Lunchbox

Basic Fun Little Lucky Lunchbox review (5)

For the collectible fan aged four and up, the Little Lucky Lunchboxes are cute little lunchboxes which you open up to reveal a surprise.

Inside the box, you receive two packages; open them both up to reveal four surprises in total including a little ‘Foodie Friend’ animal, a sticker and two items of food.

Basic Fun Little Lucky Lunchbox review (8)

We got a little ketchup pot and a burger, which is hollow and made of rubber, so you can hide things inside.

There are 50 surprises to collect in total and they can live inside the lunchbox which opens up and closes again, and can also be used to store trinkets and crayons.

As collectibles go, Little Lucky Lunchbox surprise toys aren’t the cheapest with an RRP of £7 each. I don’t really see the need for the items to be individually wrapped in plastic; I feel that this could easily be done with tissue paper.

Basic Fun Little Lucky Lunchbox review (14)

I personally wouldn’t buy one again – although my 5 year old says it’s her favourite of the three toys, and she likes the little lunchbox to put things inside. Personally I say give me a Cutetito instead, as I think you get a lot more for your money!

Little Lucky Lunchbox can be purchased in store and online from nationwide retailers including Amazon.

My Little Pony Retro

Finally, the My Little Pony Retro is exactly what the name implies.

Made to celebrate the 35th anniversary of My Little Pony, the new retro collection ponies are old-school chunky My Little Ponies, just like they made them 35 years ago (can I start claiming I’m ‘retro’??) before the days of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

My Little Pony Retro toy review (9)

We received ‘Tickle’ from the series 2 rainbow ponies, who even come packaged in replica 80s packaging for a good dose of nostalgia.

There are five other ponies in the series to collect; yellow Trickles, orange Flutterbye, white Confetti, pink Pinwheel and blue Starflower.

Tickle is rainbow-haired purple winged Pegasus pony, who comes with a green comb and a foam sticker just like the original 1st generation My Little Pony which came out in 1984/5.

My Little Pony Retro toy review (1)

She has a green bow at the top of her tail, and a cutie mark of three sparkling gold leaves.

My Little Pony Retro toy review (18)

If you’re familiar with the original My Little Pony figures then there isn’t much to say; they come fixed in one pose, and you can move the head around. Brush and plait their rainbow hair and relive your best 1980s child life, or give them as a gift to your child

You can buy My Little Pony retro collection from Amazon, and the RRP is around £15.

For more information on Basic Fun toys, check out their website.

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