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March is Women’s History Month, a time to remember and celebrate the contributions of great women who changed the world.

The scientists, the influential leaders, the fighters, the authors, the artists, the poets, the campaigners who are too numerous to mention (but a brilliant and comprehensive list can be found here).

Women who put their lives on the line to help others, whose discoveries marked scientific breakthroughs which altered the course of history. Women who battled to be seen as equals in a world where men had always been thought of as superior, where the achievements of women were often overlooked and devalued.

All of these remarkable women have one thing in common;

whilebleeding campaign

They did great things, while bleeding.

It actually blows my mind to think that many of these great women didn’t even have access to basic sanitary wear such as pads or tampons because they were yet to be invented.

Many of them lived in a time when periods were considered shameful – a time which we are only just starting to come out of here, in our western world – when menstruating women were shunned and hidden away, and painkillers to dull menstrual cramps didn’t exist.  

They lived in a man’s world.

And yet they still created, and fought, and achieved

Lily cup one Intimina #whilebleeding campaign Women's History Month (86)

While often I wish that humans had developed a way to stop the inconvenience and mess of periods altogether without added hormones (and I’m almost certain that if men had periods, they would have!) it is no secret that when it comes to managing my period, I am a huge fan of menstrual cups. I have now been using a menstrual cup for over a year, and quite frankly I can’t believe I didn’t try one sooner.

Lily Cup Compact collapsible menstrual cup review (3)

If you are on the fence about trying a period cup, please do take a look at my post here for 12 reasons you should definitely give one a whirl.

Lily cup one Intimina #whilebleeding campaign Women's History Month (86)

My INTIMINA Lily Cup has entirely changed the way I think about periods.

Before I used menstrual cups I would always be able to pin point my periods. I’d remember that time I had to change my pad in the public loo and there was no sanitary bin, or the time I was at a friend’s and didn’t want to ditch a used pad in their bin so took it home with me – whereas now they seem like such non-events (after I’ve popped a few paracetamol) that it’s often hard to remember when they even happened.

Intimina #whilebleeding campaign Women's History Month (70)

I no longer have to pause before booking something into my calendar like a spa day, trampolining with the kids or an exercise class

My menstrual cup has increased my confidence to do all sorts of things. It means I can just get on and do it; I won’t let a period get in the way.

Anything I can do, I can do while bleeding. 

Intimina #whilebleeding campaign Women's History Month (86)

Make sure you head over to the INTIMINA #WhileBleeding campaign for a fascinating history of menstruation throughout the ages, and the brilliant women of history; all of whom kicked ass…while bleeding!

Share a picture of yourself on social media using the hashtag #whilebleeding to acknowledge all that womankind has done.

Lily cup one Intimina #whilebleeding campaign Women's History Month (86)

March is the perfect time to emphasise how women around the world are STILL facing problems caused by their periods.

Period poverty is a really big issue – it is a shocking statistic that one in ten girls in the UK can’t afford sanitary products, and because of this they end up improvising, or simply missing school.

Local Hygiene Bank co-ordinator Sabrina at the Angel Centre, Tonbridge

Local Hygiene Bank co-ordinator Sabrina at the Angel Centre, Tonbridge

The Lily Cup One is a soft silicone period cup designed for young, first time users and perfect for girls who struggle to afford menstrual hygiene products.

I donated them to the Hygiene Bank which is a registered charity. They accept unused toiletries and sanitary products which can be passed on to tackle hygiene and period poverty locally. Please check out this post for information about what they do and how you can donate!

Lily cup one Intimina #whilebleeding campaign Women's History Month (86)

This post was written in partnership with INTIMINA.

For more information on the #whilebleeding campaign, visit their website. For more information on their range, go here or visit your local Sainsbury’s.

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