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Disclaimer: I was sent this Counting Mountain game from Orchard Toys to review free of charge, but words and pictures are mine. This post contains affiliate links, see more information here.

My daughter loves reading and writing, but so far seems a little more indifferent towards maths. Despite the fact I ended up writing, maths used to be my favourite subject at school, so trying to encourage her to embrace it and see maths as fun is high on my priority list!

We were asked to review the new Counting Mountain board game from Orchard Toys.

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The game is a game suitable for two to four players aged 4-8 years old.

The game box includes a four-piece game board, two cardboard 3D ‘mountain’ pieces which slot together and slot into the board, four playing pieces with plastic bases, a plastic piece for the mountain summit and 13 yeti footprints – ten with numbers between one and five, and three with yetis on the reverse. 

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To set up, pop out and discard the circles on the mountain to make holes for the players to hook their pieces into. Assemble the four-piece board and then the 3D mountain on top, ensuring that the colours match up. Pop the yeti feet out of the cardboard surround.

Place the playing pieces inside their plastic bases (a coin can help with this so that the card doesn’t get bent) and then place the white piece on top of the mountain. 

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How to play Counting Mountain

Spread all the yeti cards face down on the table. The players pick a colour and place their playing piece onto the base camp. 

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The youngest player starts by turning over two footprint cards. If they turn over two number cards, they must add them up and move the correct number of spaces from the base camp, across the meadow, towards and then up the mountain to the top.

If a yeti card is turned over, then if the player is on the mountain, they move backwards by the number of spaces indicated on the footprint card (if they’re still at base camp or on the meadow, they move forwards). 

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When two yeti cards are turned over, all players who are on the mountain move backwards two spaces whether it was their turn or not.

Place the pieces part and mix them up (whilst shouting ‘blizzard’, they suggest!).

The winner is the first to reach the top of the mountain and place their playing piece on the summit!

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What we liked

The game is easy to set up, made of durable cardboard and easy to pack away back into its box. The illustrations are bright and fun and the animals and people on the mountain will appeal to children.

The rules of play are simple to grasp; it’s very straightforward, but with a few little twists that make it a bit more fun than a simple roll-a-dice game. The best bit is the way the playing pieces ‘climb’ up the mountain by hooking the piece through the holes.

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Adding the numbers together and then moving the pieces encourages basic counting and addition, and even my three year old got stuck in trying to do this using his fingers.

The game can be made more simple for younger players by removing yeti pieces – although on our first run through we didn’t turn over any at all which meant it was a very quick game indeed!

My only thought was that it would be great if you could get more pieces with slightly higher numbers, or even perhaps a different colour indicating minus spaces, for more competent counters.

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How much & where to buy

The game retails at £10.25. You can buy Counting Mountain from national retailers, online or direct from Orchard Toys’ website here.

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You can see the range of educational board games from Orchard Toys on their website or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

If you’d like to win a copy of Counting Mountain, enter our competition here!

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