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Why would you spend your precious time and resources taking your children on holiday is a cry that most parents utter during the course of raising a young family.

Surely the idea of herding them all on to an aeroplane and then having to do all the things you do at home but with less of the convenient stuff around you is just a recipe for stress and not for “making memories”?

Well, yes and no.

Holidays with young children can be stressful and, however you choose to travel, can result in car, plane or train meltdowns but is it worth it?

Yes (probably). If you’re looking at ways to save your sanity over the holiday period then diving into the wisdom of other people’s blogs is going to be the best thing you can do to find some amazing top tips on how to get places with relatively little stress and where you can go that positively welcome crazy toddlers and their exhausted families.

Check out family and lifestyle blogs that give you the lowdown on how to keep kids entertained on planes without annoying other passengers too much or what you can do on the train that doesn’t just involve plugging into Peppa Pig on the iPad for four hours.

There’s so much in the way of information out there that you can rest assured that your every fear or query can be explained and helped by someone in the blogosphere. The child-friendly hotel recommendation you were after is probably only a click or two away, after all.

You never know you might just get bitten by the blogging bug and think about starting up your own website. There are thousands of variations out there and always room for one more witty or wise parenting blog to join the hum. Besides which, blogging can be a satisfying way of letting loose your creative side and provide other parents with hilarious insight into your real-life parenting, past the glossy pictures on Instagram and Facebook and into what it’s really like at the coal face.

Don’t get too suckered into revealing everything online, that’s not a sensible approach but instead point out the parts of your life and your parenting journey that you believe offer a shared experience with other parents.

If you want to add another degree of separation to your real life and online presence you might also consider setting up a postal box with web access to receive any real-life correspondence.

Whether you’re looking for reassurance for your upcoming family holiday or plan on documenting your journey through well-written and thought out blog posts, spend some time today reading around your favourite bloggers and reassuring yourself that you aren’t alone in the craziness that is family life and your desire to write about all the ups and downs that it throws at you.

You never know, your words might just get a family on an aeroplane armed with your wisdom and off to adventures new.

This is a collaborative post

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