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Disclaimer: I was sent these Off The Hook collectable fashion dolls to review free of charge, but words and pictures are mine. This post contains affiliate links, see more information here

Off The Hook style dolls from Spinmaster are a new kind of collectable fashion doll for age 5+ and we were sent some to review.

Off the Hook Fashion Doll review (21)

Off The Hook dolls are bright and funky and come with a huge number of outfits and accessories so you can change their look – right down to their hair! 

Made from hard plastic, the 11cm Off The Hook girls – Naia (purple), Jenni (yellow), Alexis (pink) Vivian (dark pink) Brooklyn (green) and Mila (light blue) – come in single and double packs, as well as Naia’s Style Studio. Each pack comes with outfits as well as mystery accessories.

Off The Hook Fashion And Style Dolls - review (10)

Each doll has five or six whole outfits to collect which are themed; concert (think rock chick with black leather!), summer vacay (shorts, fabric skirts and summer style) and spring dance (pastels and lots of glitter).

Off The Hook Fashion And Style Dolls - Jenny and Naia Spring Dance- review (35)

Jenni and Naia also have limited edition dolls which come with larger packs.

Altogether there are over 200 different pieces of doll, outfit and accessory to collect.

How do they work?

To change the dolls’ outfits you pop them apart by pulling off their head and legs to reveal a small hook, which you can use to hang the body parts up on a clothes rack. All of the clothes and accessories are interchangeable and can be used with any head.

Off The Hook dolls come apart

To put them back together, the hook slides into the head or waist where the doll is articulated. The dolls are not otherwise poseable. They have no feet – just stumps!

Grim? A little – but my daughter thought they were so much fun.

Off the Hook Fashion Doll review (21)

She calls them her ‘Halloween’ dolls because their skin comes in a variety of pastel shades, their hair comes in crazy, funky colours and of course you pull them apart. 

Off The Hook fashion doll single pack

Off The Hook Fashion And Style Dolls - single doll review

The dolls each come in their own single packs which have an RRP of £7.99.

Inside you get one complete doll (hair, head, body, legs and shoes) and then two mystery blind bags with an alternative outfit (body and legs). 

Off The Hook fashion doll Style BFFs double pack

Off The Hook Fashion And Style Dolls - BFFs style dup pack review

The duo packs (style BFFs!) come with two complete dolls, as well as two reusable bags and two reusable boxes with surprise accessories. The set has an RRP of £12.99.

Our dolls were Naia and Jenni, who came spring dance-ready with glittery skirts, shoes and matching headbands. Inside the mystery accessories packs were glasses, bags, and shoes!

Off The Hook Style Studio

Off The Hook Fashion And Style Dolls - style studio review

The Off The Hook Style Studio, which has an RRP of £19.99, comes with Naia, a purple-bodied doll with green eyebrows. 

Off the Hook Fashion Doll review (45)

Inside you also get four complete outfits and a bunch of fun surprises including bags and shoes, inside re-useable plastic tubs which you can use to store the pieces. There are 17 pieces in in total in the style studio, from which you can make over 100 outfit combinations. 

Off The Hook Fashion And Style Dolls - review (14)

This pack also comes with a ‘wardrobe’ on which you can hang and store the outfits you collect to create your very own doll fashion boutique.

Off The Hook Fashion And Style Dolls - review (24)

What did we think of Off The Hook style dolls? 

My five year old daughter has now had a few sets of these dolls since Christmas, and she plays with them a lot. She loves setting up the clothing rack and making a ‘shop’ and they’re one of the first things she brings out if she has friends to play. I can see why; the collectable nature of the dolls, the colours and the styles makes them irresistible to 5 year old girls like mine! 

Off The Hook Fashion And Style Dolls - review (26)

Her only criticism is that the dolls can be difficult to stand up and balance; some do easily and some just won’t stand on their own at all. 

Additionally the heads can be tricky to get out of the hair (never thought I’d type that sentence!) for little fingers so if she wants to change the hair then she often asks me to do it.

However they are well priced toys, the mystery element of the blind bags plus the fun dolls is a recipe for success in the eyes of my little fashion lover!

You can buy Off The Hook dolls from national retailers, or from Amazon below.

Off The Hook fashion doll checklists

Here are all the Off The Hook dolls and accessories available!

Off The Hook dolls - Fashion dolls clothes checklist list for collector Off The Hook dolls - Fashion dolls checklist list for collector


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