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Disclaimer: I was sent this Nordgreen Infinity ladies’ watch to review free of charge, but words and pictures are mine. If you use the Norgreen watch discount code from this site by using my link I will make a small commission. See more information here

When it comes to watches, I think less is more. Some people love dials and a dozen different functions, but I really just want my watch to tell the time reliably at a glance, and of course look stylish.

Nordgreen are a Copenhagen-based watchmakers who make exquisitely styled, minimalist ladies’ and men’s watches, and I was offered a watch of my choice to review.

I chose Nordgreen’s Infinity watch in silver, with a grey leather strap. 


Nordgreen watch discount code: minimalist ladies watch review - Infinity silver - box

When the watch arrived, it was packaged in a simple hard, dark grey/blue matte watch box. 

Inside, the watch rested on grey felt, underneath which were instructions and a certificate of authenticity.

Nordgreen minimalist ladies watch review - Infinity silver grey strap (13)

Look and feel

Nordgreen watches are a perfect example of traditional Scandinavian aesthetic, combining simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

Nordgreen’s Chief Designer, Jakob Wagner, is a household name in the international design community. Wagner has previously worked for companies including Bang & Olufsen and his products are sold around the world daily.

Nordgreen minimalist ladies watch review - Infinity silver grey strap

It is no wonder then that Nordgreen watches are beautiful timepieces.

Unlike the Norgreen ‘Native’ watch, the Infinity has an elegant slightly curved dial. This particular model is available in rose gold or silver, and the watch face comes in two sizes; 32mm or 40mm.

I went for the smaller, 32mm watch face as I have fairly small wrists and didn’t want anything overpowering or heavy.

Nordgreen minimalist ladies watch review - Infinity silver brown strap

When purchasing the Infinity ladies’ watch, you get a choice of straps; nylon, metal mesh or leather which comes in three finishes. There are 19 colour combinations in total so you can select your look; in total there are over 100 different watch options to choose from.


When I first opened up the box, the watch inside had a brown leather strap.

I contacted Nordgreen, who shipped me out the correct one straight away.

Nordgreen minimalist ladies watch review - Infinity silver brown strap (34)

Fortunately, changing the watch strap on the Norgreen Infinity ladies’ watch is really simple.

There’s a small lever to pull down, the spring bar goes inside of the strap and out the strap pops.

Nordgreen minimalist ladies watch review - Infinity silver grey strap (3)

To place the new strap on, place the left part of the spring pin into the hole and then use your fingernail or a paper clip to pull down on the level, and push the strap down into place.

Nordgreen minimalist ladies watch review - Infinity silver grey strap (3)

If you love changing your look then you can buy easily interchangeable watch straps here; they cost between £34 and £39.

Watches with a social conscience

For each watch sold by Nordgreen, they give their customer the opportunity to donate to one of of three causes;

Health – Buys 2 months of clean water for a person in the Central Africa Republic with Water for Good.

Education – Buys 2 months of education for a child in India with Pratham UK.

Environment – Preserves 200sqft of rain forest in Latin America with Cool Earth.

The unique serial number provided on the back of each watch allows customers to track the impact that their individual donation has made.

Nordgreen minimalist ladies watch review - Infinitity silver grey strap (14)

It’s a quartz movement watch, so time keeping is spot on. Each watch comes with a two year warranty.

How much, where to buy and Nordgreen watch discount code

The Infinity 32mm minimalist ladies’ watch with grey strap can be purchased directly from Nordgreen’s web shop here

The RRP of this particular watch is £154, so not hugely pricey for a watch of this quality and design. Other ladies’ watches on the Nordgreen site range from £134 on the Native models, to £164 on the Philosopher models.

You can get 15% off of Nordgreen watches using the Nordegreen watch discount code WHINGE15 on their website.

Follow Nordgreen on Facebook and Instagram.

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