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Disclaimer: We were sent these Lollipets to review free of charge, but words and pictures are mine. This post contains affiliate links, see more information here

Lollipets are the newest, cutest, teeny tiny collectable interactive pets from Spinmaster, aimed at children aged 5+. We were sent three of the new Lollipets – one double pack and a single blind pack Lollipet – to test out and review.

What do you get inside the box?

The Lollipets boxes deserve a special mention as they are very cute; they even have ears!

Lollipets cute interactive moving pets review (43)

In each single Lollipets box you get a surprise Lollipet, a matching lolly stick, a map/collector’s list and instructions. You also get a little sticker to put onto your collector’s map. In the double packs you can see one of the two pets and the other is hidden so you get a surprise pet!

The Lollipets are very small, about 3cm long and tall. They have a plastic body and little rubber ears and tail, and have the appearance of other Zoomer pets but their eyes don’t light up.

What are Lollipets? cute interactive moving pets review (48)

There are 20 little collectable Lollipets in total, five different colours each of four different animals; dogs, elephants, mice, and bunnies.

Their colours/designs depend on where they’re from.

Lollipets collectibles series one collector's map checklist character list

There are four different homes; Cake Pop Coast – blue, green and pink pastel glittery Lollipets with a little , Lollipop Lake – brightly coloured animals from who chase their spiral lollipops, Marshmallow Meadow  – baby pastel coloured pets who will do anything for their marshmallow, and Cotton Candy Canyon – these rare Lollipets in blue, purple and pink are flocked, as are their matching lollies!

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How do Lollipets work?

There is a teeny switch at the bottom to turn your pet on and off. Note that the toys come ready installed with a tiny LR44 cell battery, but you can replace this when it runs out if you happen to have a very small screwdriver.

To get your little Lollipet to work, you need to place them on to a completely flat surface – they won’t work on carpet, or on a roughly textured table. If the little pet doesn’t start to move immediately, then give it a small tap and it should start to hop along in a straight line.

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You can then use their magnetic lolly to move them around; one side of the lolly will make them rush towards it, and the other will make them stop completely! You can push them along and even make them move from side to side just by using the lolly.

If you have two Lollipets, then they my rush towards each other to kiss (or perhaps sniff each other’s bottoms).

Lollipets cute interactive moving pets review (52)

Our Lollipets and what we thought

From the double package, we could see Sprinkles, a green puppy from Cake Pop Coast. Inside the other side of the package was Dolly, a pink bunny also from Cake Pop Coast.

Lollipets cute interactive moving bunnies and dogs review

Our single pack was a bright pink dog called Sugar, with a blue and pink lollypop.

We didn’t get any of the rare flocked Lollipets, we weren’t too disappointed though as the glittery ones were my daughter’s favourites, meanwhile my son liked the bright one (although was disappointed not to get the blue or green one!).

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They’re simple enough toys; very cute and easy to use. Personally I won’t be running out to buy more as my two seem to be fine with the ones they have. Other children may just want to collect them all, however at £5.99/£10.99 I am not sure that I’d risk getting too many doubles!

Tip: To make them more fun, set up a little maze to follow on a piece of cardboard, or race them against each other!

How much and where to buy?

You can buy Lollipets in store from any national retailer or online at Amazon. 

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