Spring is coming! 4 ways to keep the kids busy when the weather picks up


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Spring is all about new beginnings, fresh starts and warmer days in the sunshine. With a sprinkling of beautiful flowers and the welcoming chirps and bleats of new baby animals. Spring is a time for reflection and also looking to the year ahead…It also means that the kids will be climbing the walls with boredom if you don’t plan ahead and have some activities planned!

With Spring we often get a mixture of sunny days and also rainy days, so you’ll need to have eclectic mix of activities up your sleeve! Here you’ll find a little inspiration for what to do on the brighter days and the wet and horrible ones.

Do something arty

If the weather isn’t on your side, don’t worry. Why not turn off the TV for a bit and let the kids do something creative. You could keep it simple by printing off some colouring pages – check out printerinks for the latest printer ink prices – and get out the colouring pens and pencils. Or if you want to keep them occupied for a little longer, you could let them loose with some arts and crafts materials!

Coloured card, craft paper, felt, tissue paper, glue, glitter, stickers, pom poms, pipe cleaners, streamers, string, chalk, crayons – whatever you can think of. They could make a spring picture or create their own animal masks!

Head out for a picnic

Just because the weather is good, doesn’t mean you have to head to those family attractions that cost a huge amount of money. Sometimes keeping things cheap and cheerful works just as well. Pack together a picnic; sandwiches, savoury things, little snacks, family favourites, sweet and savoury snacks and some refreshing drinks and head out to a beauty spot, or even the local park so the kids can have a run around.

Even if the weather is poor, you could still drive to a beautiful vantage point and enjoy your picnic in the car. It’ll be an adventure for the kids!


Get them in the garden

We all neglect our gardens over the winter months, so chances are they’re going to need a little TLC before they can come back to life again. So, why not get the kids involved? Picking up debris; broken branches and twigs, raking up the leaves and emptying those old plant pots. With a little guidance they can even help you pull up the weeds. Next, have a trip to the garden centre and get them to choose some Spring flowers to plant. They’ll love waiting for them to grow!

Having a reading afternoon

If the rain is lashing at the windows, then don’t despair. It’s OK to turn to the TV and electronic devices to keep the kids occupied for a while, they often get over stimulated. Try settling down with the kids and have an afternoon dedicated to reading. Set up a reading area and fill it with cushions, throws and plenty of good lighting and let the kids choose some books. Bliss.

This is a collaborative post

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