What not to do when hiring cross country moving companies


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If pulling a do-it-yourself move is not applicable in your situation, it is of utmost importance to find and appoint a really good moving company that will do the job for you. How do you know how to filter out the good from the bad out of hundreds of local and national providers you are bound to come across as you surf the internet? The answer is, by getting the right tips on things you’d better avoid doing when choosing a mover. Let’s take a look at the big no-nos.

Not researching removals quotes

Regardless of the distance you will need to cover in reaching your new home, the worst thing you could do is call the first mover that shows up in your search results. Even if the trip does not seem very long, it is better to get at least three quotes from a carefully selected list of potential companies. Even better, make them five, just in case.

As you compare the costs and services offered, see what experiences other customers had before you. Do not gloss over red flags, as they can mean the difference between moving across the country with a trustworthy and professional company, or, taking a trip through hell. Research the costs and do that background check if you don’t want any unpleasant surprises, even if you are moving just a few blocks away.

Not booking a home visit before the hire

Together with the moving estimates we just mentioned, there should always be a home visit to go with the interview. Ask them to review all your stuff, this is the only way to know that you are getting an accurate quote. Moreover, if you create an inventory list to go over as you review household items, you will be able to track down moved items at the end of the journey.

 Don’t forget belongings that will require careful handling, either. The pre-hire visit will enable you to show your potential mover the more delicate stuff that needs to make it to the new place in one piece. You can even ask them if they can provide insurance for that (more on that here). Ask for tips on packing and even inquire if they can provide special containers for safe and proper transportation.

Two Young Delivery Men In Uniform Unloading Furniture From Vehicle moving house removals

 Only focusing on price

 While cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad, there is definitely an element of danger in merely looking at prices and forming your decision based solely on that. Sure, a move is quite a costly event in anybody’s life, especially if a big distance has to be covered, but do check out what else that potential mover has to offer, besides a bargain of a quote.

Sometimes the cheapest moving company might turn out to be the best option too, but that conclusion should be made after thorough research, always. For example, if you compare prices from several providers and one comes up as significantly lower-priced as compared to the rest, this might be a signal that something’s not right. Shady companies, or the so-called rogue movers, try to lure their victims with promises of great deals and a host of free services. Steer clear of quotes that just look too good to be true.

Not asking the important questions

Do you remember that saying that the devil is in the details? Well, when we are talking about moving to a new house, there are an awful lot of details involved, that some really important questions might slip your mind until it’s too late to avoid a crisis. You can find some of them at https://www.progressive.com/lifelanes/questions-for-professional-movers/. If you are dealing with a professional mover who knows their stuff, they will do their best to provide you with all the information you might need and then expect an even greater number of questions. Sit down and make a list before you start calling around for services. Then, revisit and revise that list with each interview.

Even though the experts are expected to know much more than you, a move will always be unique in each individual case. There might be things relevant to yours that the company is not aware of to deliver all relevant information in advance. This is, by the way, a great way to judge if you are dealing with a real and honest professional. If they openly and patiently answer all your questions and related concerns, chances are you have nothing to worry about. You might be interviewing your future mover.

 This is a collaborative post



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