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Disclaimer: I was sent the Brio World Police Station to review free of charge, but words and pictures are mine. This post contains affiliate links, see more information here

Our Brio World collection is coming along nicely now; we have quite a few sets now which you can see more about here. We have a fabulous, sprawling train set that takes me ages to set up whether the kids want to play or not.

Brio World isn’t all about train sets, though. 

Brio World Police Station playset Review (2)

There are lots of different vehicles and playsets that you can get which connect to your Brio track.

We were sent the Brio World Police Station playset for review.

The Brio World Police Station is a playset which can be played with on its own, or by attaching it to your existing Brio World train track and play sets.

The set is suitable for children aged 3+, and comes with a police station, a ramp, a piece of plastic track, a police van, and two figures – a policeman and a suspect/prisoner.

Brio World Police Station Review

Most of the set is made from plastic, with a few pieces of wood on the station itself. The track, figures and police van are all plastic.

Solid and robust, the Brio World Police Station comes ready assembled in one piece.

The set features space for the police van, a police board on the wall and a lift which you can move up and down.

At the top, the lift clicks into place so the happy prisoner can be taken to his cell…

Brio World Police Station Review

The lift goes down again to close the door to the prison, and make sure he won’t escape.

Brio World Police Station Review

Inside the cell, which is open on two sides, there is a little bed.

Brio World Police Station Review

The police van is big enough for one figure to sit inside.

It comes ready installed with replaceable batteries, and when you press the little yellow button on the top the siren goes off and the lights flash ready to speed off to deal with an emergency.

Police van - Brio World Police Station Review (9)

You can push the little police van along the track and park it inside the police station. Like all Brio World vehicles, it will also go on normal Brio train tracks which you can connect to the Police Station track. The police van also has a magnet on the back, so will connect to other Brio vehicles.

You can also place the large piece of track to the side of the building and connect the ramp piece to push the van down and along the floor and get it up and into the station. It’s up to you how you build it!

Brio World Police Station Review

As part of a larger Brio World collection, I am sure that the Police Station will get played with a lot. If you have a child who is fascinated with law enforcement then it would make a nice standalone set.

As with all Brio, the set is sturdy and will stand up to a lot of play even by young children.

The RRP of the Brio World Police Station is £29.99; in line with other Brio products and definitely not at the cheaper end of the toy market, this is a good quality toy. You can purchase from listed retailers or online via Amazon.

For further information check out the Brio website.  You can follow on social media at @brio_uk.

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