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Disclaimer: I was sent these Boxy Girls unboxing fashion dolls to review free of charge, but words and pictures are mine. This post contains affiliate links, see more information here

There is no doubt that kids love YouTube, and for some reason unknown to me watching other kids unboxing toys is insanely popular. (We’ve done a few videos ourselves – scroll down for our Boxy Girls unboxing video – and I can’t say it’s something I love doing; editing my own videos is the pits and I can’t not be sarcastic in everything. Sorry, it’s my natural state).

If you have a doll-loving child who loves to unbox things then they’ll go mad for Boxy Girls.

Boxy Girls fashion dolls review and unboxing video (23)

Boxy Girls from Character Toys are fashion dolls that love to online shop.

Much like myself this week, the Boxy Girls dolls have a lot of packages delivered. Unlike me, they contain exciting things; fashions, make up and accessories. The boxes are addressed to them, with the weight and details all right there like a real package, and they are ready to be unboxed!

Boxy Girls fashion dolls review and unboxing video (14)

There are four dolls in series one Boxy Girls; Willa, Brooklyn, Riley and Nomi. We were sent blond-haired Willa and brown-haired Nomi, who each come with four surprise packages, and a Fashion Pack containing six mystery boxes to unbox and review!

The dolls retail at £17.99, with the Fashion Pack having an RRP of £9.99.

The Boxy Girls dolls themselves are cartoon-like with huge, boxy square heads, and small bodies with articulated joints.

Boxy Girls fashion dolls review and unboxing video (50)

There is nothing realistic about the girls’ proportions, even in the slightest; their heads are huge, their bodies are tiny and their legs are crazy long (with quite big feet!) mirroring the cartoon-like dolls which were popular in the early 2000s, with a modern twist.

They have long brushable hair which comes styled but can be untied if you’re brave.

What’s in the packages?

Boxy Girls fashion dolls review and unboxing video (13)

The boxes are sealed with sellotape which is easily opened, and inside they are printed with different fun designs. They contain cute tissue paper packing material, a cardboard packing slip and a sticker as well as the item which can be anything from clothes, hair accessories, jewellery, shoes, and make up to items like laptops. 

Boxy Girls fashion dolls review and unboxing video (47)

In Willa’s boxes, we unboxed earrings (the dolls have holes in their ears to push the earrings into, much like old-style Barbies) and a necklace, some shoes and two handbags.

In Nomi’s packages, we got a funky purple clip-in hair piece, necklace and green earrings, a matching green handbag, and purple shoes.

In the Fashion Pack we got some pineapple sunglasses, a skirt, a top, some earrings, a bracelet and a nail varnish, and more shoes.

Boxy Girls fashion dolls review and unboxing video (35)

What did we like about Boxy Girls?

As a parent I liked that the boxes are made of cardboard and the items aren’t packaged in little plastic bags. Yes there is some plastic to throw away, as there is with most toys, but so many unboxing toys have way too much wasted plastic just for the sake of it (you know which dolls I’m talking about!). 

Boxy Girls fashion dolls review and unboxing video WILLA

The designs are fun; the cardboard from inside the dolls’ boxes was printed with a funky print which we decided to keep and reuse, and my daughter has kept the package boxes to play with again.

Boxy Girls fashion dolls review and unboxing video (40)

It’s possibly to stand the dolls up (hard, depending on their shoes, but possible!), which I think improves the play potential.

What wasn’t so great?

Lots of the appeal of the dolls is in the unboxing element, which is of course fleeting.

Boxy Girls fashion dolls review and unboxing video (31)

The Fashion Pack is fun and my daughter had a great time doing her unboxing video, but it’s likely to be a one-time thing as the large pack is quite expensive; it’s a shame there aren’t one-box pocket money options at around £2 each, as I think my daughter would love this!

Boxy Girls fashion dolls review and unboxing video (71)

Due to their proportions the Boxy Girls dolls are not as good for dressing and undressing as more traditionally proportioned dolls, and therefore there is a risk that they won’t be played with as much. The clothes aren’t hugely well made; not like premium fashion dolls, and because of the small body proportions they are really small and won’t fit other dolls.

Boxy Girls fashion dolls review and unboxing video NOMI

There weren’t a lot of actual clothes in the boxes. We have three outfits in total; two tops, two skirts and one dress. Changing the clothes on her dolls is my daughter’s favourite thing to do but without buying additional dolls or an additional £9.99 Fashion Pack (which could end up giving us the same items!) her options are limited. 

Honestly though, I don’t think the dolls are particularly badly priced compared to similar dolls on the market, if you like their unique boxy appearance!

Here’s our Boxy Girls video unboxing!

How much and where to buy Boxy Dolls

The series 1 Boxy Girls dolls retail at £17.99 each, and the Fashion Pack has an RRP of £9.99. Season 2 Boxy Girls dolls are arriving in the UK soon. 

You can buy Boxy Girls dolls and unboxing Fashion Packs from national retailers, or via Amazon (below).

Boxy Girls have a website where you can find out more and join the Club Boxy Girls for news!

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