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I refuse to set new year’s resolutions because they don’t tend to last that long, however I did start 2019 wanting to get fitter and healthier in general. 

I was offered a month of BOOSTfit classes and membership of the new BOOSTme online fitness support group during January, in exchange for a review and sharing my thoughts about it all.  

What is BOOSTfit?

Run across West Kent and dipping into parts of Surrey and Sussex, the BOOSTfit classes are a high-energy workout to set music led by a group of trained BOOSTfit instructors. Although you will get to know the moves, over weeks they swap in new tracks to mix it up a bit so it never gets dull.

You can go at any pace, so even if you (like me) are massively unfit, it’s fine – the instructors will show you how to bring it up or down a level.

All you need is a pair of trainers, a decent sports bra and a bottle of water, and you’re ready for your class.

Trainers workout fitness

Each BOOSTfit one-hour fitness class has several sections;

1. Warm up

Where you… warm up.

2. Stress bust

During the stress bust section you’ll burn off your anger and aggression through combat and martial arts moves (lots of punches and kicks). You don’t have to be a kung fu master, don’t worry. As with each section there are ways to keep the intensity low and manageable.

3. Boost your mood

This is the cardio bit – but it’s fun and happy and again, there are ways to take it down a level if your fitness isn’t ready for the full range of moves. I have to admit here that I am hopelessly uncoordinated and when trying to copy something with my feet and my arms at the same time I am a flailing me , but it doesn’t really matter if you go wrong; what matters is that you try and that you have fun doing it!

4. Boost your strength

This is the bit where you tone up; you can use weights or you can do it without which is plenty good enough for my weakling arms thankyouverymuch.

5. Shake it off

Usually to some cheesy tunes!

6. Stretch it out

This is tailored to each workout to stretch out the muscles you’ve been using so you won’t wake up the day after feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck. 

… And then you go home feeling positive, energised and happy that you didn’t sit in and eat crisps again.

BOOSTme gives online support via a private Facebook group.

BOOSTme Boostfit

It’s perfect for people who either can’t get to classes,  if for instance they’re not local, or they have small kids that they need to look after.

Membership of BOOSTme gets you entry into a private Facebook group where support is just a click away. In the group, as well as a sense of camaraderie and support, you get Facebook lives from Louise (the woman behind Boostfit!) also access to a drive where workout videos are posted regularly for you to follow at home on your phone or laptop.

What did I think of BOOSTfit?

I really enjoy BOOSTfit. Even as a relatively unfit person I could keep up with most of it and I didn’t feel judged for being out of shape or having zero coordination.

I still go to the classes whenever I can get to my local one, although I’ve yet to try out the classes further afield. Apparently the Saturday morning class in Hurst Green near Oxted in Surrey has a brilliant party atmosphere! They’ve even started classes on a Friday during the day, which you can take small kids along to, which is a lovely idea for a new mum trying to increase her fitness or even just wanting to get out of the house into a friendly environment.

BOOSTfit isn’t all about fitness; it’s about whole body wellness including your mind.

They are a friendly bunch and you are left feeling buzzy and positive no matter how much better you feel you could have done.

I don’t feel like I made the most of my BOOSTme membership; I have way too many Facebook notifications going on and missed a lot of the Facebook lives and threads however I did follow along the workout videos at home and found that just half an hour as I could of BOOSTme classes really improved my mood. 

Now my membership is finished I won’t be renewing, but I will continue to go to the classes. However I can completely see how someone without access to the classes would love the support of the BOOSTme family.

BOOSTme Boostfit

How much is BOOSTfit?

The classes cost £6, although you can buy blocks of classes at a cheaper rate. You don’t need to book – just turn up!

Membership of BOOSTme is £30 per month, and £20 for your first month.

Each month they choose a different charity and some of the class fee goes towards the chosen charity. They are also a donation point for the Red Box project.

You can find a BOOSTfit class here.

Follow BOOSTfit on Facebook for regular updates, and join the BOOSTme lobby Facebook group if you’d like to know more about the BOOSTme subscription.

I was offered a month’s free access to BOOSTfit and BOOSTme, but words are my own.

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