5 Surprise mystery collectables from Zuru Toys: Series 2 review & unboxing video

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Disclaimer: I was sent these 5 Surprise mystery toys by Zuru to review free of charge, but words and pictures are mine. This post contains affiliate links, see more information here

There is nothing that delights children (or at least, my children) more than surprise toys. Even if the surprise is 100% likely to be rubbish (I’m looking at you, Kinder Eggs) they would still plump for that over something actually good. 

5 Surprise toys are ball-shaped capsules made up of five compartments.

5 Surprise Review Zuru Toys suprise mystery collectables (6)

You unwrap the ball and then peel each compartment to reveal a new surprise toy; that’s five surprises in total!

Predictably, the kids went wild for series one 5 Surprise, which they got in their stocking at Christmas. They kept them entertained for a while until a more acceptable hour, so I liked them too!

Series 2 of the 5 Surprise promise even more excitement with two large and three small compartments to peel and reveal.

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The new series comes in two different colours; blue (wrapped in red) and pink (wrapped in purple).

Inside the compartments of the 5 Surprise are a selection of toys and collectable items from either the blue or the pink list. 

Inside the blue 5 Surprise you might open a ninja, a dinosaur, a car, a shark or a skateboard and the pink ones contain a selection including hair clips, princesses, rings, little animals and jewellery; fairly heavily gender stereotyped.

It would be nice to have a neutral colour too, although mine are always happy to conform to gender stereotypes with my daughter loving pink and my son loving blue, not all children do and not all parents are happy with this. A lot of the toys from inside; putty, beads, animals etc would appeal to both.

5 Surprise Review Zuru Toys suprise mystery collectables (28)

There are loads of different toys and collectables which you can get inside your 5 Surprise. Each colour ball comes with the possibility of containing any of at least 20 different types of toys in various colours and characters, meaning you’re unlikely to get the same things twice or you should at least get a decent selection of exciting items.

What did we get inside our 5 Surprise?

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Inside our pink 5 Surprises we got:

Five Surprise contents

  • A princess which turns into a cupcake, a princess with a skirt you can pull on and off, a pen a ring and a little cat
  • A princess with a removable skirt, a ring, a pack of beads with elastic to make a necklace from, some putty (not slime as I initially feared – phew!) and a hair clip with pink hair.

5 Surprise Review Zuru Toys suprise mystery collectables (47)

Personally I much preferred the variety of contents in the pink 5 Surprise; I thought the blue was a little disappointing. Inside the blue 5 Surprise we got:

  • Some hologram cards, a shark, a space ship, a car keyring and a little car. 

5 Surprise Review Zuru Toys suprise mystery collectables (29)

Despite the slightly disappointing contents in the blue 5 Surprise, the kids really enjoyed doing their unboxing/opening and will probably try their luck whenever we see them in shops as the concept is just so attractive to them.

How much and where to buy

Aimed at children aged 3+, 5 Surprise cost £4.99 each and are available to buy in store from Smyths, The Entertainer, Asda, Tesco and Sainsburys.

Find out more on their website, and follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Here’s our unboxing video!

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