The new year begins with a day out, a sandpit and a danger nap

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Having written a blog post at least once every week for the past three years, taking a bit of time out over the Christmas holidays was most welcome.

I certainly have enough old posts in the bank now to tide me over, and many many things to divert my time into instead, incidentally none of which are cleaning the house.

However, as with everything routine that you stop doing over Christmas (like being vaguely healthy, for example), I have found it a little hard to get into the swing of things again.

I thought I’d write about my day to gently ease myself back in.

0103 Leeds Castle

Today was the first day back at school for my biggest (hurrah!). She has been looking forward to seeing her friends, and woke up in a good mood.

The smallest meanwhile was up several times in the middle of the night. He ended up in with us, and I was woken up obnoxiously early by elbows digging into the back of my skull. Once he had made sure that I was 100% awake, he then fell back to sleep.

While my oldest was eager to get herself dressed and go compare Christmas stories at school, he really didn’t want to play ball.

My new year’s resolutions of being calmer and arriving places on time were both scuppered on the very first morning and we’d had several ‘fallings out’ already by the time I got them out of the house (late). I had to pretty much drag him, whining and shouting, all the way to the school and then home again.

0103 Leeds Castle (9)

Having been fairly sedentary for the past few weeks to the point where my step counter was wondering whether I was still alive, and with the prospect of spending the day solely in each others’ company looming large, I decreed we needed to get out and about.

0103 Leeds Castle

We decided to visit Leeds Castle (not that Leeds) with my friend Lisa and her four year old (also not back at preschool yet. Oh the humanity).

Lisa and I both bought ourselves new cameras for Christmas. We thought Leeds Castle was a suitably picturesque location to go and take a few snaps and play with the settings, while letting the boys run free, hopefully tiring themselves out and guaranteeing us at least one good night of sleep. You never know.

0103 Leeds Castle

It was pretty bloody chilly, but unperturbed we wrapped up warm, packed a lunch and jumped in the car.

Predictably, being ridiculously tired already, he fell asleep on the way there.

0103 Leeds Castle

We walked for a bit, the boys ran about and we took some photos and chatted.

At the playground, my suggesting he didn’t take his socks off (in three degree weather) and perhaps pop his shoes back on before he get into the sandpit – there’s a good boy – instigated half an hour or so of woe-is-me whining.

0103 Leeds Castle

In total we spent over three hours at Leeds Castle.

It’s very easy to do.

Other highlights of the day include getting lost in the maze when we should already have left (the cheat is to keep following it around to the right – you’re welcome), and of course having to rescue my son after he got himself stuck in a tree.

Neither of the boys wanted to leave and dragged their feet all the way back to the car, where 20 minutes later than intended we left and tried not to get another speeding ticket whilst also getting home in time for the school run, 35 minutes away, in under half an hour.

Despite my pleading with him, loud music and even opening his window to blast icy air in his face, he of course opted for a danger nap in the car home.

As I drove I could feel my chances of a good night tonight plummeting with every mile.

0103 Leeds Castle

The traffic was crap – of course it was – so we got home four minutes before I was due pick up my oldest, so that was fun. Fortunately my husband was about so I dumped the boy and ran.

I did however manage to rack up over 12,000 steps already today which is probably more than most of the Christmas holidays combined.

So that was my day – how was yours?

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